50 FAIL INSPECTION: Kollelim and Yeshivos Fear Renewed Education Ministry Inspections


Over fifty yeshivos and kollels in Israel have failed inspection by Ministry of Education inspections over recent days. These inspections determine if yeshivos and kollels will continue receiving state funding, which they are entitled to for as long as talmidim and avreichim who received draft deferments to continue limud report to ‘work’ on time, which inspections showed is not the case.

However, if they do not report daily, on time, they face ramifications for non-compliance.

It is somewhat startling to hear the reaction and shouts of discrimination against the inspectors and the ministry, as the chareidi parties in Knesset agreed to this, including inspections by the ministry to verify compliance. The news reports many opine that despite the difficulties getting to yeshiva and beis medrash on time in compliance with the agreement with the state, one is paid by the state to sit and learn and one must do so or face the consequences.

Kikar News reports that in the kollel of Yeshivas ‘Knesset Yitzchak’ in Kiryat Sefer, an inspection was not passed. The yeshiva’s administrator said, “It is clear someone is looking for us, and the new method of random inspections is most problematic”.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Too bad…..While I don’t agree with the deal allowing these yungerleit to avoid military service or alternative service entirely, that is the law for now and they are obligated to be sitting at their shtenders in the beis medrash on time. If not, they should be dragged off and be made to peel potatoes at a military base or do whatever else might be useful. It is beyond belief that some yeshiva administrator would be complaining that expecting their students to comply with the terms of the deal whereby they get funding is “problematic”. Hopefully, this administrator himself will be looking for another job soon

  2. These are not inspections to verify compliance – these are surveys to catch them out.

    Do they make the same inspections in Colleges and universities?

    They don’t understand and don’t want to understand to challenges of an Avreich Kollel living on the breadline trying to sort out a dozen children in the morning while his wife is long on the way to work out-of-town…
    Yeshivos may also have different Seder Hayom that doesn’t exactly match the inspectors protocol – again no understanding!

    Still the best thing would be, to manage without the Zionist money. We have lost out in many ways because of their bribes.

  3. Guys, if you play by the rules, you will be funded. If you bunk off, you will not get funded. It is really quite simple. Years ago my grandmother worked for a government office. If she clocked in on time she received her full salary, if she was late she didn’t. She wasn’t a yeshiva bochur, she was just a simple worker but the rule was the same. There were no random inspections with her. Her computer timesheet was checked each and every day.

  4. it is unfair to expect the filed number of full-time students to be accurate. if the number with greater and fewer students balanced out, you can legitimately claim, human error. where the errors are distinctly one-sided, you can only assume fraud.

  5. “It is somewhat startling to hear the reaction and shouts of discrimination against the inspectors and the ministry, as the chareidi parties in Knesset agreed to this etc.”

    Once again the anti-charedi bias is loud and clear on YWN.
    I am not referring to the posting of the failed inspections, but rather to the opinion comments

  6. DavidtheKanoi, So is it acceptable for these men to skip minyanim, shiurim, and live a life of Sheker of not fulfilling their commitment to be learning.? Neither you and I have legal obligation to attend shiurim, but we attend to the best of our abilities. These men are actually obligated! If they can’t handle a dozen children or see themselves standing in the breadlines, then this isn’t the appropriate profession for them. Hashem doesn’t appreciate deliberately staying in poverty, missing minyanim and shiurim, and being dishonest in your daily responsibilities. See Pirkei Avos Chapter 4:2 Ben Azzai said: Be eager to fulfill the smallest duty and flee from transgression; for one duty induces another and one transgression induces another transgression. The reward of a duty is a duty, the reward of one transgression is another transgression.”

  7. I received a student deferment during the Vietnam war, and (I now am ashamed to say) I missed a few classes, none of which were in a yeshiva. Plenty of us missed classes when we had those student deferments. I now see that it was a privilege of being middle-class in the US. Should yeshiva bochurs have the same breaks? Far be it for me to say.