Tragedy Strikes- Golshevsky Family Emergency!

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Tragedy Strikes!

We are appealing to you on behalf of the suddenly orphaned Golsevsky family from London. The situation is beyond tragic and heartrending.

Harav Moshe Golshevsky Z’L a Marbitz Torah who found his way to speak to the hearts of his many talmidim, author of sefer Mishnas Netzach, just 46 years old, was torn away from us by the relentless Coronavirus, leaving behind his wife and eleven children SIX OF WHOM ARE STILL AT HOME!

They are left now alone. We can’t return their father. Now his family is weeping, “Who will help us in our time of need”? Who Will help us in our time of desperation”?

R’ Moshe was always happy with his lot. He married off 2 of his sons within the last month in very modest weddings. He was dancing happily as head of the Simcha.

Two weeks after the wedding, he was taken to the Hosptial on Monday for COVID-19 symptoms. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated until his Petira on Thursday afternoon.

We need Klal Yisroel’s help now to save this family from falling apart! We will NOT ignore their call.

An emergency campaign has been launched to set up a Keren Yisomim, which will give this devastated family the financial backing they will need to cope from here.


The fund is being overseen by Rabbi Shmaya Lev of London.

For U.K. donations, you can make a check payable to:

Friends of Yeshiva Daas Sholem Shotz -Reg No- 1070789

Postal address- Flat 11 Cedarwood Court 78

Clapton Common London E5 9FU,UK

For US Donations, please make check payable to: Cong. Ezras Yesomim Fund Inc Mail to: 1217 55 Street, Brooklyn,NY 11219

Contact email: [email protected]

To give a donation please call 02-037451429