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Melamed Academy is a ground-breaking affordable Yeshiva day school, available to students in
any location. Entering its 6 th year, this innovative Torah-observant online school educates hundreds of students in multiple program tracks: College Degree Program, K-12 Torah Studies and General Studies, Course Credit, and MyMelamed Enrichment Remedial Services. 

Why do students enroll at Melamed Academy?

Our online Torah day school includes hundreds of students studying Melamed courses via classroom computers at 50+ participating Yeshivos and Bais Yaakov schools. 

Melamed Academy’s unique college program empowers students from age 16 to earn an
accredited BA in a wide variety of majors, at VERY LOW COST, and with NO HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA requirement. Credit is earned by taking exams in Torah and General Studies subjects. High school students can take dual-credit courses and get a head start on college, while studying for a high school diploma. 

Additionally, Melamed Academy is an online Yeshiva day school for homeschoolers, with Torah and General studies for Grades K-12, and accommodates individual needs, such as these: 

“I’m homeschooling our family and am seeking a structured program which provides a high
school diploma, with maximum flexibility.”

“My son isn’t ready to dorm out-of- town so we need a solution for 9 th grade.”

“Help! My daughter’s school closed down, and she needs to complete 12 th grade.”

“My daughter is a great girl, it’s just she likes to wear nail polish so there’s no school option in town.” 

“My son is a very bright boy; the problem is that he can’t handle the distractions of a classroom setting.” 

“My son is autistic so he’s currently in a public school but we want him to get a Torah education.” 

“My child has health issues, so she can’t keep up with her class. Plus she’s missed a few credits.”

“My daughter can’t cope with the Torah studies in school because it’s all in Hebrew.”

“We can’t afford yeshiva tuition but still want a quality Torah education for our children.”

“Our school doesn’t have a class for my child’s grade.”

“My teenager has been through a few schools, now we’re just looking to finish high school and get on to the next stage of life.” 

Enroll Today – Join the Melamed Academy Family!

Torah education is the birthright of every Jewish child, and the only question is finding the perfect greenhouse in which they’ll flower best. It’s always good to know all the options available. When your local yeshiva day school isn’t the right fit, consider Melamed Academy.

Melamed Academy is an online yeshiva day school with high educational quality, and also the flexibility that your child needs. Melamed offers both Torah and General studies for grades K –  12, plus college and career courses. Melamed Academy is a state-registered school, available  from the convenience of your home, which grants high school diplomas. All students – gifted,  average, and with learning challenges – thrive in our programs, are delighted when they see  success. Melamed Academy graduates have continued their education at leading yeshivos,  seminaries, and colleges.

Here are some advantages that Melamed Academy students receive:

  • Friendly, supportive environment, with Torah-observant online teachers.
  • Top-quality online courses, with a choice of styles and levels. No need to be in one grade level for all subjects.
  • Option of early high school for 7 th and 8 th graders, or a 3-year high school plan.
  • Easy transfer of previous high school credits, complete a high school diploma. *No Regents required!
  • Study Torah Studies and General Studies, or any combination. You can start with just one course.
  • Torah Studies in a choice of Hebrew/English and multiple skill levels. Many Torah subjects are also eligible for college credit.
  • Hundreds of course options for high school credits. We make a plan that will really work for the student.
  • Option of dual-credit, and earning an accredited BA with your high school diploma. Amazing value for the parents!
  • Students receive free placement exams and customized course placement.
  • Remedial courses at no extra charge. Everyone succeeds in Math and Science at Melamed  Academy!
  • Highest course completion rate of ANY online school.
  • Very affordable tuition!

When you choose Melamed Academy, it’s a safe bet. The investment is minimal, and you can start with a single course to see how it goes. Plus, you know that the program has already been  vetted by Roshei Yeshivos and principals who use the courses for their own students. 

Melamed Academy partners with the leading Yeshivos, Bais Yaakov, and Torah Day schools. Melamed’s courses are studied by students in classrooms, resource rooms, and as course  recovery. It’s a simple process to transfer a student’s previous high school credits to Melamed  Academy. Similarly Melamed’s credits are accepted back at Yeshiva, Bais Yaakov, and also at  public schools.

Go to the Head of the Class with Melamed Academy’s College Program

Good news! At Melamed Academy, you can go proceed directly to college without a high school diploma. It’s not necessary to take a GED or to make-up a few years of high school – there is a  better way. Together with our partner institutions, Melamed Academy offers college credits to  our students, and then transfers them to accredited colleges where they complete a BA or BS in  a variety of subjects. Many college credits can be earned through Torah exams, which serves as  an extra motivation for mastering Torah subjects. College credit exams are also available in  General Education requirements, Business, Psychology, and more. See the full list here

Are you planning on a nursing or PA career, accounting, social work, health care administration, business, or other? Are you a straight-A genius, average student, or learning-challenged  student? Melamed Academy will customize exactly the right degree program for you!

Career Training Courses as High School Electives

Melamed Academy students receive a top-quality education, including the perks of career training in high salary fields, included in their high school education. We believe that students  should graduate with marketable skills in hand – and we make it happen! 

Choices include: Web Development, Ecommerce, Bookkeeping, IT, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Photography – and many more. Many courses prepare students for internationally-  recognized certification exams.

Melamed Kosher Chromebooks

Rounding out the chinuch benefits of Melamed Academy, we offer kosher laptop computers for our students which are preset to only access designated websites. There is no need to compromise on your standards; Melamed’s computers ensure that students focus on their education without any distractions. 

(Melamed Kosher Chromebooks are an optional purchase. Courses also can be studied from any desktop or laptop computer, if you prefer.) 


Melamed Academy accepts students for summer-term registration. It is still possible to receive credits for the current school year.  Registration for the upcoming school year is in progress. Register and pay by July 15, and save  the $150 registration fee. To register, fill out the website form. Families registering 4 or more children receive discounted pricing, according to the table below. You will be contacted by a Melamed Academy representative regarding the registration details

For more information, contact Melamed Academy at [email protected] or call (732)228-8800 ext. 3. (If there is no answer, please leave a voicemail. We are on summer schedule.) 

Wishing all Jewish parents: Much nachas from each of your precious children!

Melamed Academy is a registered nonpublic school in the State of New Jersey, in which students can fulfill compulsory education and earn a high school diploma. Melamed Academy is not a  college: all credits and degrees are granted by our accredited partner institutions. 

Melamed Academy admits students of any race, color, national origin, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at  the school. 

Do you want to be involved in the Online Yeshiva Day School revolution? Melamed Academy is 501(c)(3) registered public charity, and donations are tax deductible. To sponsor a scholarship,  learning center, or a multimedia Torah course, please contact [email protected]. Tizku l’Mitzvos!