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They Didn’t Think She’d Live To Be 20


“I’ll never forget how happy they were at my vort: There was a time when they thought I wouldn’t live to see 20. Now I was happy, frum, and starting my own Jewish family.


With tears in his eyes, my father hugged me and said “I’m so proud of you.” Those were the last words he ever said to me.”


Click here to read the rest of Chani’s story.


Many have been shocked and moved by the personal stories of Kupat Ha’Ir’s orphan wedding campaigns, and Chani*’s is no exception.


However behind one story is a lifetime of pain, and behind that lifetime of pain, an unbelievable 37 others. 38 young men and women were accepted this month into Kupat Ha’Ir’s orphan wedding campaign. The cases are examined to determine the individual’s level of poverty, and to confirm their stories of loss.


Engagement is a painful time for orphans living under the poverty line. They struggle to pull together the basics, both for the wedding itself and their futures. They have no parents to turn to in times of need, no one for support. That is why gedolim like Rav Shteinman zt”l, Rav Shimon Galai shlit”a, and Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a have stepped in to be their parents.


The gedolim give brachos and pray personally for those who give to the various urgent campaigns. This month’s donors receive a bracha for something truly precious: Parnassah, and yeledim tzaddikim.


Individuals like Chani* are desperate for some hope. The gedolim are standing behind this campaign’s attempt to help them.




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