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Baby Born to Childless Couple After Participating at Tal Chaim of Liska Yartzeit

Liska is a revered name in Chasidishe circles from time immemorial and is universally regarded as one of the prominent Hungarian Chasidish dynasties that appealed to the masses for close to two hundred years yet hailed by scholars for its sharp and vast Torah scholarship.

Although it is Rav Tzvi Hersh of Liska author Ach Pri Tevuah and Hayasher V’hatov that is world famous, his son in law and successor Rav Chaim of Liska author of Tal Chaim on sugyas Hashas who was acknowledged as an extraordinary gaon even in the generation that he lived).

In fact, it was Sanzer Rov who documented the yichus of the Tal Chaim, upon his marriage to the daughter of the Ach Pri Tevuah, that the Tal Chaim is the 6th generation descendant from the Maharsha.

A fascinating occurrence transpired last year at a l’chaim Tish conducted by the current Liska Rebbe Shlita as recounted this morning by the person whose life was transformed by this “moifas”

“I happened to be in Boro Park on 50th street and wanted to daven maariv so I wandered into the Liska Bais Medrash–after maariv as I was about to leave I noticed that a table was set for a l’chaim. I didn’t know whose yahrtzeit it was but decided to stay as there was barely a minyan and thought I should stay.

The Rov started to say divrei Torah–to be honest I wasn’t really paying attention as I was very heartbroken after receiving extremely distressing news about my wife’s ability to have children earlier in the day after years and years of marriage. Suddenly I was startled when I heard the words from the Rebbe to the effect of “my zeidah the Tal Chaim was engaged in one pursuit and was pursuit only and that was Limud HaTorah and it was thru his koiach Ha’Torah that allowed him to be a poel yeshuas…something to that effect. As I listened to these words I began to look in the direction of the Rav who stared at me as he spoke. I didn’t know what to make of it -but I felt that it wasn’t by chance that I found myself in that bais medrash at that time.

I resolved that night to begin learning the seforim of the Rebbe whose yahrtzeit it was and will keep in mind that I am learning the chidushei Torah for a zechus. It was very difficult to find the sefer and even more difficult to understand his deep pshetlach but I didn’t give up as the words of” his koiach Ha’Torah that allowed him to be a poel yeshuas” kept ringing in my ears. I am happy to report that we were just zocha to name our newborn son Chaim.”

The Yahrtzeit of theTal Chaim of Liska will be commemorated this Monday evening at 9pm, the night preceding 9 Iyar, by his descendant, the current Liska Rebbe, Harav Tzvi Hirsh Friedlander, shlita in the Liska Bais Medrash, located at 1449 50th Street in Brooklyn.

For those traveling to Liska for the Yahrtzeit of the Tal Chaim who is buried alongside his father-in-law the Ach Pri Tevuah in the ohel in Liska, please be advised that the Bais HaChaim will be opened throughout the day and night. For more information please contact the caretaker.

Address: Belsőkocsord út 29, Olaszliszka
Caretaker: +36 47 358 042, +36 20 593 1283

For those that want to visit the restored “mizrach vant and newly built corresponding wall of the Shul in Liska, please contact the caretaker.

Address: Kossuth Lajos út 15, 3933
Caretaker: +36-70-341-8923, +36-70-535-0424

הנני בזה להודיע על יומא דהיללוא של רבינו כ”ק מרן אדמו”ר הגה”ק ה”טל חיים זיעועכי”א
ביום שני פרשת אחרי קדושים
אור ליום ט’ אייר

תפילת מנחה בשעה 8:35
תפילת מעריב בשעה 8:55
לחיים טיש תיכף אחרי מעריב עד השעה 9:45


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