VIDEO: The Story behind the Famous Reismans Brownie Bar

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I can only imagine that epic day in 1953 in Reisman’s Bakery. I would have marked it on the calendar had I known how famous it was going to be for decades to follow. Fast forward many years and generations later, and we still have one of the most amazing creations since Man, being baked daily using the same recipe. That, my friends, is the sensational Brownie Bar!

I Kosher Guru got to go behind the scenes in the famous Reisman’s Bakery the other day to get the step by step on how this famous Brownie Bar makes its way from bags of flour to our supermarket shelves.

Watching the process from beginning to end was great. But smelling the process – the cookies baking to the perfect temperature, the rich chocolate mixing to create the on point creaminess, was a treat for my senses! Watching the chocolate drizzle onto the pans hypnotized me into a trance. These are all part of the steps to get them baked and ready for packaging.

Reisman’s is not just a name, they are a family. And let me tell you, if there’s one thing in the world that can bring anyone together, it’s these delectable Brownie Bars! They are so good, I bought a case to take home!

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