New Website Makes Buying Homes in Israel Easier than Ever – See property in VR!

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New Website Makes Buying Homes in Israel Easier than Ever – See it in VR!

360dira revolutionizes Israel real estate market for
international buyers with immersive VR and drone imaging technology

Jerusalem, Israel – December 2018

360dira, an Israeli startup, has just launched a website that offers free access to 360° Virtual Reality tours of property for sale in Israel. The company’s innovative
3D scanning and “true dimension” mapping technology recreates the entire space
on a computer screen, mobile device or VR headset, enabling potential buyers to
“walk through” the property as though they were actually there. 360dira also provides drone footage of surrounding areas, giving potential buyers a comprehensive view of the neighborhood.

 In addition to the constant stream of new
immigrants—27,000 in 2017 alone—3,000 apartments are purchased each year by
non-Israeli citizens. Many buyers from abroad are unable to visit the
properties before they purchase, instead relying on photographs, video tours,
or the word of a local agent or representative to make their decision. With
360dira’s free service, they will now be able to virtually view every inch of
the property in an immersive, 3D, 360°
virtual reality experience, with complete control over what and how much they

The site currently lists more than 100 properties in
more than 35 different locations across Israel listed on the site, including
Jerusalem real estate as well as homes and apartments in surrounding areas,
Ramat Bet Shemesh, and beachfront regions. Its advanced search options enable
users to search properties according to price, location, and size as well as specific
criteria such as private entrances, handicapped access, Shabbos elevators, a
succah porch, or room to expand. The site is available in five languages,
including English, Hebrew, Spanish, French and Russian.

“We are thrilled to be launching this innovative new
service,” says Yissachar Berg, founder and CEO of 360dira. “Forbes Magazine’s
R. L. Adams recently predicted that real estate is the #1 market poised to be
completely transformed by VR technology. By applying this technology to the
Israeli market, we are initiating this revolution in Israel.”

360dira’s entrance into the Israeli real estate market has been making a splash. The company has been invited to present at a Biztank event hosted by Roth & Co, and was recently featured in popular publications such as Ami Magazine, Bizness Magazine and Israel’s Newcomers Guide. 

“Jews all over the world want to invest in Israel,” Berg explains. “What we are providing is—by a long shot—the best and most convenient way to search the real estate market from abroad. We are connected to the best English-speaking real estate agents and lawyers who guide buyers every step of the way and make sure their experience is as easy and simple as possible—professionals you can trust. We aim to become the go-to hub for all property sales; to change the way people purchase homes in Israel.”

The company is actively recruiting real estate agents to partner with, as well as homeowners who want to take advantage of this innovative platform to sell their properties. “If you share our vision of an easier, more transparent, more convenient, and more trustworthy Israeli real estate market—please join us!” invites Berg.

About 360dira: 360dira is a new Israeli company offering an online, user-friendly platform for real estate sales listings that include a 360° Virtual Reality tour of each property. If you, or someone you know, is looking to purchase a home in Israel, save yourself lots of time and hassle—sign up for free to view the virtual tours at Don’t forget to ask for your complementary pair of 360dira VR glasses, which turn any smartphone into a Virtual Reality headset.

Click and register for free to begin your VR Israel property finding experience!


  1. My family owns an apartment in Ramat Bet Shemesh which we wanted to sell. 360dira was very helpful in getting it on the market. We live in NY and had no way of taking care of things from here. They did everything from A-Z including appraisal, advertising, photographs and the amazing one-of-a-kind 3D tour.

    Best thing is, when we have a potential buyer we don’t have to figure out who’s going to open the apartment to show it to them, and no need to bother the tenants. I just send them the link to 360dira’s 3D tour and the potential buyer looks around in thier own time from the comfort of thier own home. Only when someone is really serious will they then need to actually visit the apartment in person.

    And when it came to the negotiations 360dira is the best! They helped work out a contract in English and Hebrew through a competent lawyer and they put the buyer in touch with a great mortgage broker. The whole experience was so much more relaxing and smooth than anything we could have imagined.

    I recommend 360dira to anyone looking to buy or sell property in Israel!