TEN Years in the Making. One Defining Moment!

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Washington, DC

In just a few days a historical prison reform bill will, with Hashem’s help, be
brought to the Senate floor for a vote. 
After 10 years of fighting, rallying and lobbying, a passionate Rabbi
Moshe Margeretten will hopefully succeed in changing the laws of the American
correctional system. If the Senate votes to approve the First Step Act, it will
reduce sentencing time drastically and offer better rehabilitation programs for
thousands of inmates.


It all started when Rabbi Margeretten saw a family of kids
asking their father the Mah nishtanah at a prison visiting hall. The sight was
too much to bare, and with no prior experience or knowledge in the political or
legal world, he jumped right in. After years of ups and downs, and over
$4,000,000 in lobby and legal team costs, the final and most critical moment is


Yet in order to proceed, Rabbi Margeretten needs the help of
every individual!  In the next 60 hours,
they must raise $1,000,000 to fund the exorbitant costs it takes to hire the
best teams to represent the bill. “This bill will reunite families, it will
give inmates a chance to start over, it will give children their fathers back,”
explains Rabbi Margaretten. “And you have the chance to be a part of this
history defining moment.”


As families light the 8th candle, as Rabbi Sholom
Mordechai Rubashkin celebrates the first anniversary of his release, and
laughter and love fills every corner, 
let’s not forget those who are left behind. Act Now. Spread Light. Make a change.


  1. Can anyone explain what this is all about? Are these people innocent or guilty? Do they belong in jail or not? Are their sentences to harsh and don’t fit the crime? cruel and unusual punishment?

    “will change the prison sentencing for so many community members” is not quite the positive message we want to send to the world about the Jewish community…or am I missing something??