Fidelity Payment Services Welcomes Leading Community Figures and Rabbanim to its Kvias Mezuzah


This past December, Fidelity Payment inaugurated its new office in the Brooklyn Navy Yard with the presence of the community’s Rebbes. Attended by Fidelity management, stakeholders, and communal figures, the Kvias Mezuzah event truly encapsulated the merchant service company’s perfected approach: that is, the seamless fusion of community loyalty with industry-leading technological innovation.

Fidelity made its move into the 19,000 square-foot headquarters in September of this year. Overlooking the scenic east river, the office features an expanded customer service department, multiple training and conference rooms, and modernized workspaces—all designed to promote merchant and employee satisfaction. It was precisely in this state-of-the-art environment that several Rebbes joined the company last week to share their blessings. The Rebbes that took part in the kvias mezuzah— all of whom share connections with Fidelity employees— brought an aura of warmth and respect to the office as they put up the company’s new mezuzahs, shared their wisdom and best wishes, and joined in for some singing along with Fidelity management and select sales agents.

Fidelity Payments was founded in 1996 by Binyumin “Ben” Weiser, a Williamsburg native and then-burgeoning entrepreneur who had noticed a void in the marketplace—and especially one in the frum retail environment. At that time, most merchants were only accepting cash and check payments in-store, and Fidelity quickly gained entry into the industry by equipping local merchants with credit card processing hardware, software, and low rates.

Since then, the world of payment processing has evolved tremendously. As Fidelity maintains its stronghold in the local community, it simultaneously pursues tremendous growth that has already made waves well beyond Brooklyn, Lakewood, Monsey, and the Five Towns. The investment firm H.I.G. Capital has been a partner in this growth, as their continued investment allows the company to rapidly expanded its lineup of products and services— in terms of both quality and quantity. From its proprietary Cardknox payment gateway, to its e-commerce and point-of-sale solutions, to its security and compliance expertise, the Fidelity menu has grown tremendously since the low-tech payments sphere of 1996. But what hasn’t changed all along is the company’s unwavering commitment to providing the lowest rates possible and superior customer service.

The face of this top-tier customer service is Fidelity’s growing team of sales agents that consistently deliver hands-on support and innovative technology to clients. As the vast majority of Fidelity sales agents work in frum communities, it’s no wonder that you’ll see the Fidelity logo on checkout counters all throughout the tri-state area. Many of these businesses are using Fidelity’s payment gateway, Cardknox, which can be integrated with retail software and hardware to give business owners access to custom-fit, cutting-edge features. This includes security encryption to keep card data safe from hackers; flexible recurring billing; automatic updating of expired cards on file; and support for mobile wallets. With its high-level, industry-leading solutions, Cardknox is quickly making a name for itself outside of the frum community: the proprietary gateway is now the payment solution of choice for big names like Goodyear, Maglite, and Century 21.

Yet even while Fidelity builds an expansive client and partner list that features well-known brands and individuals, the company continues to honor and take pride in its roots— as was evident at the kvias mezuzah. After all, it is this local community and its leaders that have shaped and sustained Fidelity all along.