Beautiful new song from Hudi Kowalsky


Released in honor of the birthday of Reb Nosson of Breslov which falls out on Tu B’Shvat this new song from Hudi Kowalsky music was born in a dream.

Featuring a unique blend of vocal and instrumental arrangements this song has the feel of a tisch in Breslov.

Azamra Lelokai B’Oidee – Ki Nimtza b’cha Nekuda Tova

Every Song is a Dream and every dream is a Story . 2 years ago I had a dream that the great day had come and the whole world had gathered as one in Yerushalayim. It was Sukkos and everyone was sitting in the great Sukka, however when I tried to enter they said I could not. I simply went outside and sat on a rock and started strumming my guitar. This Niggun came down and suddenly I was joined by a few stray souls, they all began to sing along with me. Before I knew it, there were hundreds of people singing the niggun, carrying me into the Sukka. I thought of the words from the teaching of Reb Nachman in Likutei Mohoran chapter 282 – Azamra! – for in each person is found a good point and from the point Song is born. May we all merit to sing and dance together in the Holy City!

Composed and Produced by Hudi Kowalsky 

Video by Mordy Gilden

Mixed & Mastered By Alex Bodnar

Additional Recording by Hillel Kapnick

Extra Special thanks – Additional Choirs and Vocal Arrangements by Baruch Naftel & Hillel Kapnick

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