Tiveria: Mayor’s Pro-Secular Ideology Spreading as Mehadrin Restaurant Gives Up Hechsher To Open On Shabbos R”L


Tiveria Mayor Ron Kobi is making good on campaign promises to push ahead with his secular agenda, including the opening of businesses on Shabbos R”L. This includes recent Shabbos street parties, which have led to at least one mehadrin-certified restaurant to give up his hechsher, preferring to open on Shabbos instead.

The Basel restaurant held a mehadrin certification from the Tiveria Rabbanut, but now, not wishing to miss the growing Shabbos trade, the restaurant will be turning in the kashrus certification to the Rabbinate, which does not permit him to remain kosher certified if opening on Shabbos.

Mayor Kobi has already announced it is time to end the Rabbinate’s monopoly over kashrus and marriage, calling to bring Rabbanei Tzohar into the city to replace the local rabbinate.

The city’s Chief Rabbi, HaGaon HaRav Moshe Tzvi Buchbut Shlita has been doing his best to preserve and increase Shabbos observance, but for now, he is fighting a very uphill battle with a determined adversary who seems to have placed chilul Shabbos at the top of his mayoral agenda.

Readers are reminded that during his election campaign, Kobi said “The chareidim comprise 22% of the city and they must not be permitted to reach 30%.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Chymee,
    the reason the mayor of Tiberius is able to get away with what he is doing is because the Haredi population there is in the minority. One reason they are in the minority is because American Jews would prefer to hide in America and pat themselves on the back and make smarmy comments rather than fulfill the Jewish destiny of living in Eretz ha Kodesh. If the Haredim in America would get off their easy chairs and move to Israel then the atmosphere there would be profoundly different.
    Israel is a democracy and as such reflects the make up of its population. Gd is waiting Chymee, when are you coming ?

  2. @chymee – For your information, nobody said he wasn’t right. In fact, all Rabbonim, eventually, agreed with him. The only machlokes, and it remains today, is how to deal with the State. But that its coming into existence would be or is good thing, nobody felt it was / is.

  3. Why do our hero soldiers need to risk their lives for such a secular state. Lets all move to US etc.
    What’s Jewish of the State of Israel?

  4. Davidthekanoi, you ask what’s Jewish in the State of Israel? Maybe the fact that since the churban there were never so many frum Jews living and learning in Eretz Yisroel? Do you feel Hamas, ISIS and even the PLO would be better for the Jews in Eretz Yisroel? Or maybe the anti-Semites in the UN?

  5. DavidKanoi,

    Brilliant idea. Come on over on the Mayflower and when Octavio Cortez be the POTUS, you be the ex- Brit askan who’ll light the Chanukah menorah in her WH. What’s not Jewish about that?

  6. Davidthekanoi
    What are you talking about?? How can you just pasel the whole state because of some bad actors? It’s an incredible state warts and all, there has never been such a wonderful state for yidden other than small periods of time in the time of Dovid and Shloma hamelech.

  7. DavidtheKanoi
    What’s Jewish of the State of Israel?

    Mirrer… Ponavech….Chevron…
    Those are just the most famous Yeshivas
    The amount of Torah that is learned in Israel is unbelievable. just walk around yerushalayim or
    Bnei Brak. Just walk around just about any City in Israel and see how many batei midrash there with people learning in them. Just look at talmidei chachamim and tzadikim that exist in every city.

    I know that there are plenty of fine yeshivas and yarei shamaim who don’t happen to be in a yeshiva in the U.S. but that comment was so stupid I couldn’t help but respond.