Orphaned Kallah May Not Get Married This Thursday


Esti is engaged to be married on Thursday, 7 Adar B but the recently orphaned kallah is still unsure if there will indeed be a wedding.

Sarah Biderman a”h, Esti’s mother, died of cancer half a year ago. The family of 7 is still in mourning. “I’ve tried to take my mother’s place,” says Esti in a moving video. She cares for her siblings just as her mother did until a few months ago.

The many surgeries and treatments over a year and a half of their mother’s suffering left the Biderman family deeply in debt. Unfortunately, now that Esti is engaged, her father Chaim Biderman has nothing to offer her. The family finances are strained, and Chaim can barely manage to support his children. There is no money to prepare for the wedding this Thursday. It is humiliating for the young kallah who just wants to get married.

With only days left until the wedding, it is still unclear if the Biderman family will be able to pay for the event. Click here to help now.

The Rachmastrivka Rebbe shlita of Yerushalayim is close with the Biderman family, and has written an urgent letter on their behalf:

“It is impossible to describe the suffering of the family… The mitzvah of supporting the Biderman family has tremendous power to protect [those who give] and their descendants from any illness. They will merit to bring up their children with health… Those who exert themselves to donate one thousand dollars will merit extraordinary blessing.”

Those who wish to help Esti can do so here for a limited time. They are truly performing a great mitzvah for a freshly orphaned kallah who has no mother to escort her to the chuppah.