A new lifeline to reconnect your teen to Torah

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Achdus Entertainment’s new, premiere monthly publication, HaGibor, flies off the presses this Pesach, delivering a new form of entertainment aimed at the under served frum teen audience. Delivering high octane thrills and spills in a slick contemporary package, HaGibor takes super heroics to a place they’ve never been before…The Yeshiva World!

A Uniquely Jewish Mythology

What separates HaGibor from Superman, Spiderman and the rest is that whereas secular superheroes astounding abilities normally come from some fantastic super science, HaGibor’s powers are firmly rooted in Torah, reflecting a yeshivish worldview.

A Bridge to Torah for Your Disengaged and Bored Teen

Torah and hashkafar drip from every page, making it a safe form of entertainment for parents – but at the same time not holding back on any of the high powered action and adventure that capture and enthrals it’s audience.Every issue ships in both Hebrew and English, just flip it over to read it in whatever language you’d prefer – making HaGibor an educational experience on top of everything else.To launch this new title Achdus Entertainment is offering a two issue trial subscription to allow the audience to dip it’s toes into their new universe, with free shipping at just $11.98.Go to www.AchdutEnt.com/store to order your copies today!


  1. The major problem is that it’s considered “kosher,” so frum teens that would never give a secular comic a second – or even first – look will feel free to read it, and be influenced by the images and values that we are trying to combat in the first place. You don’t fight fire with fire – you fight fire with water, and the Torah which is compared to life-giving water.

    We are more and more becoming assimilated without even knowing it. This “cure” will be worse than the disease.