Honoring the Legacy of Rabbi Raphael Wachsman ZT”L the “Father” of WITS

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How does one encapsulate the vision, mission and life’s work of our founding Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Raphael Wachsman ZT”L? How does one capture the spirit of his involvement with WITS? How does one articulate the breadth and depth of his relationships with the diverse group of individuals he encountered – students, colleagues, teachers, staff, lay leaders, supporters, and friends?

His intimate engagement with the development of WITS was awe-inspiring to witness and impossible to envision duplicating. A parent’s relationship with his child is a unique human relationship. Upon giving birth to a child, a parent devotes his entire existence to nurturing his child, protecting his physical and spiritual wellbeing, plotting a successful future and embracing the child with a passionate love and an endearing concern. It is the proverbial labor of love, the ultimate 24/7 mindfulness. There is no other relationship which can duplicate the willingness of a parent to invest every aspect of his being into another’s life.

In this context, we can begin to understand and appreciate Rabbi Wachsman’s relationship with the Yeshiva. WITS was his new found baby, his developing infant, his challenging teenager, his maturing young adult and his proud grown up. No aspect of his child’s existence passed his notice.

From the most mundane – the physical plant, to the most ethereal – the Torah learning. No facet of a talmid’s needs was overlooked. From the physical – the need for a winter coat where none existed, to the spiritual – creating the proper learning environment for every Talmid to succeed. He was the Yeshiva’s father! The unabashed dream and ultimate desire of every father? Even in his absence, his child should survive, thrive and prosper. No one can replace a father.

However, those who cherish Rabbi Wachsman’s life’s work and those who appreciate their relationship with him, have the unique opportunity to perpetuate his remarkable legacy The Rabbi Wachsman Legacy Wall, which will adorn the entrance vestibule to the Esformes Educational Center, will be an everlasting tribute to Rabbi Wachsman’s monumental devotion to our Yeshiva and will spur future generations of Talmidim and supporters to emulate his life’s work. Please join us by inscribing your name on his commemorative wall.