Tour Captivating Croatia with Sheila Schwebel! A few slots left!

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For over three decades, Sheila Schwebel has been leading exciting and exotic tours for girls and women. Her journey began with the famous ITT six week tour to Israel, when she and her family lived in Yerushalayim.

After 20 years of touring the land of the Tanach, Sheila turned her attention to other countries and has since led groups of women to Poland, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Italy, Russia, China, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and many more! These tours not only explore the beauty of new countries, they also make Jewish history relevant and alive. In addition, these tours are a venue where new friendships are created and old ones cemented. 

This summer, Sheila will be leading a tour to the beautiful Balkan Peninsula and Adriatic Coast with its undisputed beauty and unique visitas.  The base will be Captivating Croatia, with day trips to Slovenia and Bosnia, three countries where Jews have lived since the seventh century.   Not only will the group have experienced local tour guides, they will also be accompanied by the well known historian, Naida-Michal Brandl,  who has lectured in Yad Vashem about the history of the Jews in Croatia.  And of course, once again we will be joined by the renowned, Rena Tarshish, and will be privileged to hear her inspiring and riveting lectures.

 The tour will be departing for Croatia on Monday, July 8th, returning July 18th. Departure is only a month away and there are only a few slots left so register immediately for an experience of a lifetime!

Sheila is available to answer any questions and take reservations at 646-369-3121 or you can email [email protected]