Season Finale of Most Popular Cooking Competition of the Summer Is Finally LIVE!

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The grand finale is here! At last, you can watch the final episode of Skill’it,’s spectacular cooking competition, the first of its kind, to find out which of the contestants will prove themselves and win the grand prize.
After 3 episodes of unbelievably competitive challenges, only two chefs are left. They are about the face the hardest challenge yet. Each is incredibly talented, but there can be only one winner. 
Who will be the champion?

The show is available exclusively at To watch, click here!


__________________________________________Feedback so far:
Loving skill’it! Thanks for the great entertainment and super recipes. I already made one of Moshe Nafisi’s recipes!

My kids watched it— boys ages 9, 6, and 4.  They all loved it!  My 4-year-old doesn’t stop talking about it! He also has wanted to help out in the kitchen more since he saw it!

Wow! I am totally blown away by the quality production value. Not going to give any spoilers but it was really a nailbiting and enjoyable watch.
@kosherdotcom the show was amazing!! Please can we have the recipe for the fried chicken?
I watched it. So professional and enjoyable!

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