Everything they Owned Burned to the Ground

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As the Lakewood community was preparing for Yom Kippur, one family had their world turned upside down, as a raging fire consumed their home. Just hours before Kol Nidrei, their entire home was ablaze, and dozens of firefighters and emergency personnel spent hours getting the devastating fire under control. 

While, Baruch Hashem, nobody was hurt, this family – with 12 children- was left with the shirts on their backs. Their entire home and all its contents were reduced to ashes. No clothing, no furniture, no beds, no food…they watched in horror as it all went up in smoke. 

On Yom Kippur, we exclaimed “V’Yesayu Kulam Agudah Achas!” We proclaimed our desire to unite as one nation, as one family, as one entity. Our brothers and sisters need our unity now.
They need our compassion. They need our empathy. 
They need our financial help to rebuild from the rubble.
We must help them rebuild!
Please respond generously and show the Ribono Shel Olam that when we declared our desire for UNITY, we meant it!


Campaign verified by the Rabonim of Chesed of Lakewood