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Say Yes to Shira!

Dear Friends,

When Shira came into the office for a food voucher, she was sure that the answer was NO.
Shira has a long relationship with the word no. Starting for early childhood, Shira lived with extreme poverty, neglect, rejection and deprivation.  She was often hungry and her parents, who were recent immigrants, did not know how to say no kindly.
Shira has severe medical challenges as well.
When she came in, she explained that she needed the food vouchers to feed her 2 children and herself.
She got her food voucher… more than that, she got a YES – which, she said, was the first yes she ever got.  She felt like it was a yes from a loving parent… which it was.
Take a look at the prizes you can win, but most of all, know that you are feeding Shira and thousands of other families.
All the best and may you all enjoy and happy and healthy summer.
Thank you,

Sori Tropper

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