Yeshivas Bircas Hatorah Announces New Beis Medrash Will Be Named In Honor Of World-Renowned Lecturer Rabbi Motty Berger

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Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah Announces New Beis Medrash Will Be Named in Honor of World-Renowned Lecturer Rabbi Motty Berger

Jerusalem, Israel — Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah is excited to announce that its new Beis Medrash, scheduled to open in February 2020, will be named in honor of much-beloved Torah personality Rabbi Motty Berger.

Rabbi Berger’s son Mendy, a Chicago-based philanthropist, is sponsoring the dedication in his father’s honor.

“We couldn’t be happier about this wonderful opportunity to honor one of this generation’s most outstanding, beloved and world-renowned Rabbis,” said Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Nissim Tagger. “Every Jew, whether he knows it or not, owes a personal debt of gratitude to Rabbi Berger.”

Rabbi Berger, who has been a senior lecturer on Jewish philosophy and contemporary Jewish issues for Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem for over three decades. is admired for his ability to make Jewish ideas and philosophy both understandable and relevant to modern Jews of all backgrounds.

“This came as quite a surprise!” Rabbi Berger said upon being told by Mendy about the dedication. “I am very moved that my son is dedicating Bircas HaTorah’s Beis Medrash in my honor. Mendy knows that my connection to Rabbi Tagger — and my great respect for him — go back many years. I am very touched to be connected with this wonderful yeshiva in a new way.”

For his part, Mendy says this dedication in honor of his father is the realization of a lifelong dream.

“This is just a small expression of the great love I feel for my father,” Mendy said. “I feel that I learned from him the true meaning of achdus and respect for every Jew.”

The new Rabbi Motty Berger Beis Medrash at Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah will be dedicated at a gala 30th-anniversary event to be held at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel on February 10th, 2020, in conjunction with the grand opening of the yeshiva’s new Gershon Burd Building.

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