Jewish Men Stabbed in Monsey. The Community is Afraid. They are Looking for Answers. For Security.

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Security. It’s what makes us feel safe. Protected. On our own or in a crowd. In these trying times be protected and be secure. No, tragedies cannot always be prevented. But the outcome of the situation can be different. Install cameras in your homes. In your places of business. In your places of worship. In your schools. And have them monitored. Hire security guards. They are the greatest deterrent to potential assailants. That’s where ISSM Protective Services shines. We provide an eye in the sky and boots on the ground so that no matter your venue, no matter your needs, you are always covered. Live, work, pray, and sleep easily. ISSM Protective Services – providing security and protection. Every time, every place, every day.

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  1. In light of these scary attacks, I shall not be attending this Daf-Yomi Siyum. Despite all the security etc., it simply is too dangerous to be at a מעמד of 90,000 יהודים. Even if Met-Life is secured, but what about all the blocks around the stadium, with throngs of people.

  2. There are no blocks around the stadium it’s in the middle of a swamp. ( The meadow lands was partially drained to create the sports facility). In the future try not to sound like an ignorant fool.