VIDEO: Project Inspire Convention 2020 Nearly Sold Out! (And the Promo Video is so Great!)

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It’s that time of year again.

There are barely six weeks left to the Project Inspire 2020 convention, but already the buzz is strong, the phones are ringing off the hook, and most of the rooms have been sold.

After all, there are many conventions and weekends of inspiration out there, but Project Inspire is in a class of its own. How shall we begin? 

There’s the stellar program, which never fails to surprise and delight; the sheer number of attendees, all of them pumped and ready to make a difference. There’s the caliber of the world-renowned speakers, many of them flown in from Eretz Yisroel and across the globe.  They include Rav Shmuel Dishon, Rav Nissin Kaplan; Rav Moshe Weinberger; Rav Shmuel Silber; Rav Yitzchok Feldheim, and of course, the one and only Rav Gav! For women, Rebetzin Tziporah Heller, Mrs. Jackie Bitton and Rebetzin Myrna Weinberger will delight, entertain, and of course inspire.

Then there’s the unique ambiance, the overriding ‘ruach’ and those special little touches that make a Project Inspire weekend so special. And let’s not forget the Motzoei Shabbos program, always chock-full of surprises, such as the year that renowned musician Alex Clare from Great Britain made a surprise cameo appearance, and last year’s shocker video taken in the Pomegranate aisles….

We won’t speak of the delectable menu and high-end refreshments, the Motzoei Shabbos Diaspora Band reunion, bringing back the ‘oldies but goodies’ in a soul-stirring presentation, or the ruach and davening with Shlomo Simcha. 

At a Project Inspire weekend, the only thing one can do is expect the unexpected, as they keep coming back with more surprises and delights for the body and soul.

But let’s put that all aside for now. Because, while a weekend of inspiration and gastronomic delight, combined with spiritual rejuvenation is something we all can use, all that pales in comparison to Project Inspire’s overriding message.

We all know the sorry state of our numbers, how the intermarriage rate is soaring, how so many of our brothers and sisters are left on the outside, looking in.

At Project Inspire, we learn to take responsibility for our siblings, to reach out to our neighbors, co-workers, the mailman and bus driver, the friendly guy who stands in line before you at the DMV. There are so many hidden Jews everywhere, who are yearning to connect, to be a part of their nation, to belong.

What is our role? At Project Inspire, we learn that every person can, in fact, make a pivotal difference. We can smile. We can be friendly, ask about their welfare. We can make small talk, invite them to our homes for a Shabbos meal. We can offer to study on the phone, or find them someone who can. But most importantly, we can treat them with warmth and acceptance, the way our brothers and sisters deserve to be treated.

Project Inspire. Over a decade of stellar excitement, entertainment, and inspiration. Don’t stay out in the cold! Register today, before the final rooms are sold.