2019 Drawing to a Close at Jerusalem Estates

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In past years, Jerusalem Estates has evolved as an internationally renowned residential luxury brand – a breathtaking, historic project that has become a status symbol among Chareidi Jewry. Now, we are wrapping up a similarly successful fiscal year, presenting our progress, as well as a staggering sales graph of $250 million. The key reason for the impressive market advances, together with a large dose of Siyata Dishmaya, was the incredible increase in sales, beyond the most optimistic of business forecasts. To date, 75% of early sales estimates were sold in Stages 1 and 2. Sales managers reported a dramatic increase in apartment demand and sales in 2019 – total sales stand at a quarter of a billion dollars! We’ve received incredible feedback, with even the appraisers and financial lenders behind the project expressing their enthusiasm.

With the establishment of Jerusalem Estates as a strong international brand came the realization of the architectural plans, as the buildings came to life. Visitors were enraptured at seeing the actual project, including the implementation of the custom design and renderings set forth at the onset of the project. 

At this point, over 80% of the work has been completed in the buildings in Stages 1 and 2. Stage 3 is opening shortly, and these buildings will be released on the market shortly. Stay tuned for updates… If you would like the rewarding experience of acquiring everlasting history, contact our sales office at  718-564-6656, or click here to visit the website.