Are You Ready for Tu B’Shvat? : A Must-Attend Yom Iyun About Our Life’s Most Important Fruit

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All you ever wanted to know about pomegranates, dates, and olives!

…will not be the topic under discussion at Khal Ner L’Meah’s upcoming Yom Iyun, on Sunday, Feb. 9,

in honor of Tu B’Shvat.

Instead, this exciting day of learning, co-sponsored by PUAH, the fertility

the organization, will feature expert and engaging lectures on topics relating to the most important fruitin our lives – our children.

The day’s sessions include the following high-relevance topics: Sensitive Information in Shidduchim,presented by Rabbi Baruch Goldstein; Problem + Problem = Solution, presented by Rabbi FischelSchachter; and A Torah Perspective on Genetic Testing, presented by Rabbi Elan Segelman, PUAH rabbinic advisor.

Khal Ner L-Meah is very proud to be hosting this Yom Iyun as part of its popular “day off” Torah

lecture series. The series was launched by Khal Ner L-Meah, under the leadership of Rabbi Baruch Goldstein and in conjunction with the CHAZAQ organization, to serve a vital function in the community.

As Rabbi Goldstein explains, days off from work, whether Sundays or legal holidays, are prime opportunities to show what we truly value in life. On a day when it can be so tempting to sleep late and relax at home, if you choose to go out and learn Torah instead, you are making a significant statement to yourself and your family about what is most important to you.

To this end, he created a series of shiurim and Torah lecture programs, to be held on legal holidays and other “days off.” These programs, which are open to members of the wider community, feature outstanding speakers on pertinent topics designed to be of interest to the community at large, regardless of background or level of learning. So far, the community’s response to the programs has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic.

The upcoming Yom Iyun with PUAH promises to be one of the most exciting programs to date. The topic of genetic testing and other sensitive shidduch-related issues will be presented with PUAH’s renowned blend of cutting-edge medical knowledge and expertise in fertility halacha. No matter what stage of life you’re in, you are guaranteed to come away with increased awareness about a very relevant and fascinating topic.

The program will be held on Sunday, February 9 in Flatbush at Khal Ner L-Meah, 2876 Nostrand

Avenue (between Kings Highway and Avenue P). It starts at 8:45 AM, following Shacharis at 8:00.

Men and women are invited, and refreshments will be served.

There may even be some fruit.