Siyum HaShas Honors the Leaders of a Tzedakah Revolution

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On January 20th, thousands of bnei Torah awarded a special certificate of appreciation to the executives of CauseMatch, a business that has inspired millions of dollars worth of tzedakah to the Torah world. 

During a global Siyum HaShas ceremony at Menorah Mivtachim Hall, CauseMatch received a rare award from Bnei Brak Mayor Rabbi Avraham Rubinstein and office holder of Torah culture in the Jerusalem municipality Rabbi David Blumenstock.

CauseMatch has led a revolution within the Torah world, enabling Torah institutions (yeshivas, seminaries, kollels, and shuls) to raise enormous sums of money by enlisting the cooperation of students and friends of the institutions. 

CauseMatch offers these organizations an advanced technology platform and strategic and organizational support. They have changed the way Torah entities fundraise. 

“If there is no flour, there is no Torah,” the award read. 

Within the last two years alone, CauseMatch orchestrated the largest matching campaigns in the Yeshiva world and in various Chassidic communities. Campaigns that each raised tens of millions of dollars include Viznitz, Yissachar Beohaleycha, Ateret Israel, Maor HaTalmud, and the Mir Yeshiva of Yerushalayim. This in addition to hundreds of “smaller” campaigns that raised hundreds of thousands to millions of shekels.

“Through Matching Campaigns, Giving Days, and other campaign models, our goal is to make people feel awesome about giving tzedakah to Torah organizations,” said CauseMatch CEO and Founder Joseph Bornstein. “We want to make it as easy as possible for these institutions to raise money so that they can focus on their true missions: spreading Torah knowledge and creating talmidei chachamim.”

The cumulative amount raised through CauseMatch to the Torah world is over 1 billion NIS, and to celebrate this exciting milestone, CauseMatch’s executives including Bornstein and his partners, Yossi Finkel and Yoseph Coopersmith, were awarded the special recognition.