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Have, or even can, the Chareidim in Israel positively influence fellow Chilonim or Masorti Jews?

A second question posed is how much energy or effort have the right-wing Orthodox groups devoted to rising anti-Semitism, except when it hits their own communities?

If the answer to both questions is that Chareidim have not been able to positively influence fellow Chilonim or Masorti Jews, and have not exerted much effort to address rising anti-Semitism outside of their own communities, how do we effectively address these issues? 

The 2020 World Zionist Congress election is upon us. Voting ends on March 11th. The World Zionist Congress is the policy-making body of the World Zionist Organization (WZO). The World Zionist Organization allocates money, which many groups in the diaspora believe is up for the taking if they can get the most delegates through the election. However, no one can really confirm the amount of money allocated by the WZO, and the amount of its discretionary funds. The suggestion by some groups that the funds can be utilized for niche or side projects (such as subsidizing tuition) and for other narrow initiatives may be unfounded; and more importantly, it is a deflection from the big picture. What is really at stake in the election is not money, and how it may be spent, but rather, it is the ideological direction in which the WZO will move. Will the needle move to the left or right? 

There are far-left groups running in the election that want Israel to be a totally secular state, abolish the role of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel with respect to marriage, divorce, conversion and kashrut, and they oppose Israeli control over Judea and Samaria, and support a right of Palestinian return to whatever is left of Israel after the establishment of a Palestinian state and relinquishment of control over Judea and Samaria. These groups want to take over the World Zionist Congress in order to further this agenda, which invariably will harm Israel and Judaism. Their mission addresses big issues, while many of the groups with opposing views are focused on issues that serve individual constituency or issues that are only pieces of the big picture. In turn, Torah from Sinai wants to address the big picture issues. Torah from Sinai wants to keep Israel safe and secure, ensure Jewish continuity, instill Jewish pride, combat anti-Semitism and BDS, and ensure that Israel remains the eternal Jewish homeland. While Torah from Sinai is a newcomer to activism, you can view videos they have already produced by going to 

Torah from Sinai is part of a broad coalition, the ZOA Coalition (Slate No. 11), which is aligned with Likud. The ZOA Coalition is a coalition of 27 pro-Israel groups. Together and united as a coalition, through the current election it is very possible for the ZOA Coalition to obtain the largest block of delegates in the Word Zionist Congress. That will allow the coalition, including Torah from Sinai, to have influence over the decision-making at the WZO, which will afford the opportunity to address the big picture issues in an effective way. In turn, the other right or center-right groups that are running in the election are not part of a broad coalition, and therefore, at most, they will obtain only a few delegates. With a few delegates their influence at the WZO will be very minimal.

We are living in a time that is reminiscent of 1930s Europe. Anti-Semitic attacks in the U.S. are occurring on an almost a daily basis, and groups and movements that seek to delegitimize Israel, including the BDS movement, are growing on college campuses nationwide. 

In a survey of over 1,200 Jews conducted by the American Jewish Committee, 84% said that they believe anti-Semitism has increased in the U.S. in the past five years. One in four Jews has been targeted by anti-Semitic comments in person or through mail or phone. Almost one-third avoided publicly wearing, carrying or displaying items that might help people identify them as a Jew, like a kippah or a Star of David. In addition, a January 2020 report by the AMCHA Initiative found that over 1,500 faculty members at more than 250 universities in the U.S. have publicly supported the BDS movement. This figure does not include the many others who support BDS without going public. The average percentage of course readings with pro-BDS authors in the syllabi of BDS-supporting instructors is 78%. Given the average college class, conservative estimates would have the number of students subjected to pro-BDS and anti-Israel propaganda in their course studies between 500,000 and 1 million students per year.

A 2019 study found by the AMCHA Initiative found that an increasingly prominent feature of BDS on U.S. college campuses is not only its promotion of an agenda of boycott of Israel, but also the harassment and boycotting of Jewish students and groups. This has created an atmosphere on many of our college campuses in which students are ashamed or scared to state that they are Jewish, publicly identify as Jewish, show support for Israel, or state any political view that is not deemed appropriate by anti-Israel and anti-Zionist activists. Jewish students should be allowed to freely show their Jewish pride and support for Israel. 

As Jews, we have a lot to be proud about. We have the values instilled by the Torah, and a rich tradition of learning and intellectual engagement, which has been used over the centuries for the betterment of society at large. We have thrived while enduring endless attempts to destroy our lives, religion and heritage. And we have Israel, which is a homeland for all Jews, and a prosperous nation, despite being surrounded by hostile neighbors. There is nothing about our religion or Israel that we should be ashamed about. 

Torah from Sinai confronts anti-Semitism and exposes BDS for what it is, which is a movement aimed at harming Jews and destroying Israel. Torah from Sinai believes that efforts to instill Jewish pride should be undertaken through reconnecting Jews, especially millennials, to our religion and heritage, and by combating anti-Semitism, in all of its forms. 

Israel has been a Jewish state based on its original deed – the Torah that was given to us as Mt. Sinai. Torah from Sinai believes that to ensure Jewish continuity, Israel must maintain its Jewish identity so that there is an eternal Jewish homeland for all Jews to live and prosper. We therefore must oppose the far-left groups that believe Israel should be a totally secular state, that want to abolish the role of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel with respect to marriage, divorce, conversion and kashrut, and that support a right of Palestinian return to whatever is left of Israel after the establishment of a Palestinian state and relinquishment of control over Judea and Samaria. If the far-left groups get their wishes for marriage, divorce, conversion and kashrut the damage will be incalculable, including, possible issues of mamzeurs, and the elimination of the current government Halacha institutions – institutions that even David Ben-Gurion wanted. 

Voting in the World Zionist Congress election is a referendum on the future of the World Zionist Organization. Will it take substantive steps to the left or right? To have an impact, make a difference, and challenge the reform movement’s agenda, it is vital to vote for Slate No. 11. In turn, with a majority of delegates coming from the ZOA Coalition, Torah from Sinai will be able to address issues that are important to the Orthodox right-wing and Chareidim in Israel, as well as issues affecting broader spectrum of Jewry, in a way that other groups have not been to accomplish.  

Now is the time to take action. If not you, who – if not now, when. Go to  to vote for the ZOA Coalition (Slate No. 11). 

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  1. as a frum jew its not my problem nor is it any jews other than escaping the violent trash of those who toss these letters around as if its a jew’s fault…crazy

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