Revolutionary Daf academy partners with The Shabbos Project – 66% discount on tuition!

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This Sunday, tens-of-thousands of Jews around the world will begin learning Daf Yomi Maseches Shabbos.

The Shabbos Project has partnered with The Daf Academy to provide unprecedented access to this learning opportunity.

For the next week, participants who sign up at will receive a 66% discount on tuition when they sign up to learn Gemara Shabbos and enter the coupon code ShabbosProject.

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The Daf Academy is an online multimedia platform that provides the highest level of Torah tuition. The Academy’s videos offer a clear and lucid explanation of every word on the page of Gemara, together with guided visuals of both the text as well as diagrams and charts to make the Gemara accessible. 

The Shabbos Project is a global grassroots effort that began in 2013, the project is headed by Rabbi Warren Goldstein, South Africa’s chief rabbi. Within a year of its founding, The Shabbat Project had expanded to 460 cities in 64 countries, and by this year to 1,509 cities in 105 countries.

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