Tragic Fire Burns Man in His Backyard

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There was a powerful explosion and then R’ Chanoch was enveloped in flames.This was to the horror in front of the eyes of his children.

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When Reb Chanoch’s wife, Mrs. Chayelle Regal (Chaya Reizel bas Soreh Rivka Alte Gittel), saw her husband enveloped in flames, she ran to save his life, grabbing a hose and spraying water on him. As a result of her heroic attempt, she, too, was badly burned, sustaining second and third-degree burns.A story hard to imagine.

Tragically, Reb Chanoch returned his pure neshamah to his Maker a week later.

Reb Chanoch was truly a unique individual, a yarei Shamayim and a tremendous talmid chacham. He was very involved in klal work, though he insisted on remaining behind the scenes. Countless families were saved by his clandestine tzedakah activities. He had a special radar that picked up opportunities to be mechazek and mesameiach others.

Reb Chanoch was really special and forged a very close relationship with many tzaddikim including the Belzer Rebbe and Rabbi David Abichazira, shlit”a. Rabbi Abichazira told R Chanochs’s son”Your father was supposed to recover, but he was taken as a korbon tzibbur. He is now in a place in Gan Eden that is loftier that I can attain.”He referred to him as “Rabeinu Hagaon Reb Chanoch.”

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Now that there is no father, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!

Their mother is fighting to heal from her burns.There’s a long road ahead – full of recovery, lots of medical treatments, high medical bills, and healing.

We therefore are setting up a fund in US together with Charity Extra in Uk and Rayze it for the family of Reb Chanoch Regal, zt”l,

Yidden! -please help raise money for this respectable family

For he went as a korban tzibbur

We are still missing funds to get to our goal of $400,000.

Rare opportunity from the Mekubalim Rabbi Dovid and Harav Rafael Abichazira שליט”א

“Bracha to those who donate to help the yesomim !! From Rabbi Dovid שליט”א and R’ Rav Rafael Abichazira שליט”א in Eretz Yisroel”

“התורמים הנכבדים לקרן היתומים יוזכור שמם לברכה אצל האחים האדמו”רים לבית אביחצירא”Checks can be made out to:

Kolel Chassidei Gur

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