A cry from a Kalah a יתומה – she will בלי נדר pray at the כותל המערבי before Rosh Hashanah

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yesoma, from a chashuva family just got married a day ago and is in a terrible financial situation, as she cannot pay for the wedding or new clothing and appliances! Her father died of cancer a year ago, and her mother is at the hospital battling a serious disease. The bride cries with bitter tears constantly: “Where am I going to come up with the money to pay for these expenses?” She has nowhere to turn and has no idea how to get out of her circumstance.


Her only wish is to begin her life with peace of mind and menuchas hanafesh, but instead she and her chosson must begin their life with anxiety, tension and fear all day and night. The couple’s goal is simply to build a bais neeman beyisrael built on Torah and yiras shomayim, but they cannot even afford a minimum standard of living.

Compassionate brothers and sisters: It is unbearable to witness the tears of the bride and her entire family. PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS YESOMA AND HER NEW HUSBAND START A LIFE WITH ENORMOUS DEBT A DAY AFTER THEIR CHASUNA!!


Just as you wish to start off the new year with joy, she also wishes to start her marriage with joy. Please have mercy on this young yesoma and transform her tears into a smile. Please donate generously to her cause.

With this zechus, Hashem should provide you with a good year, and transform your sorrows to only happiness and prosperity, as you will do for this yesoma.

The bride promises that she will בלי נדר pray at the כותל המערבי  before Rosh Hashanah and again after the lockdown in Israel ends for anyone that will donate $78.00 (כמניין חסד) or more, In the זכות of doing this great חסד with the כלה . Hashem promises אם אתם מרחמים על שלי. אף אני ארחם על שלכם “if you have mercy on mine. I too will take pity on yours ” כתיבה וחתימה טובה.