Design your passion into the career of your choice!


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Design your passion into the career of your choice!

Were you always the “artsy” one? The one who (mentally) rearranged every room as soon as you walked into it? The go-to setup committee for every event and celebration?

And then it came time to plan a career. And you dreamed of finding the perfect choice that would allow you to:

Utilize your innate creativity and talents

Work well with your inborn people skills

Hold down a job while completing the coursework

Was that too much to ask for?

ICA, The Institute for Career Advancement, was founded with one overarching goal: that of enabling talented young men and women to fulfill their career dreams at an affordable price, in a timeframe that worked well with the busy lifestyle of today’s generation.

The renowned ICA Interior Design Course was created just for you – the creative, artistically-inclined soul who wants to channel their inborn gifts so they can profit and live off their talents. This course offers you the ability to turn pro and become a professional interior designer – in just 12 months. With separate classes for men and women, and sessions held on evenings or weekends, this course was designed for busy creatives like YOU. 

To ensure the very highest standards of education, course instructors are licensed and professional interior designers whose real-life experience in the field brings their lessons to life. The course covers the basics of design style, with an emphasis on aesthetics that doesn’t compromise on functionality. Also included are the drafting software and the important technicalities like code compliance and presentation skills, so that you are fully prepared to deal with every job you may encounter.

Why stifle your inner creativity when you channel into a lucrative career? With an over 85% job placement success rate, and a number of graduates who opened their own interior design firms upon completing the course, the ICA Interior Design Course is the option of choice for aspiring interior designers.

Design your passions so that they form the groundwork for your future career success!

Next cohort begins October 25 ’20. THIS may be YOUR opportunity.

Call 718-506-0912 to register or to learn more.