When Every Second Counts, You Can Count on Them

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The family just returned from the hospital after witnessing their father exhale his final breath. They have to get ready for the levaya, to bid their final farewell to their departed father. The atmosphere is tense. The pain is so deep, the emotions so raw. The world just came to an end because……Tatty is never coming back. A marathon of many months running to and from the hospital, just ended abruptly.

But the levaya cannot be scheduled yet. The cause of death was a car accident that occurred several months ago, necessitating the Medical Examiner to sign the Death Certificate, but it is after hours and all investigators have already left for the day. Where do we go from here? What happens next? How long will it take? What is the process?

Chaos and Confusion ensues…

Then… The bell rings…In walks Rabbi Yankie Meyer of Misaskim.

As always, in the right place at the right time.

He takes a seat in the dining room, starts working the phones. He does not stop until he gets a doctor to come back, sign the certificate, and release the niftar. Now the levaya can get back on schedule.

My fellow brothers, this is not an isolated incident! Sadly, this is a very frequent occurrence!

After the above, Misaskim was not done. A group of volunteers enter the home with the utmost professionalism and respect. They assess the characteristics of the home, ascertain where it is best to sit for the men and women, and a plan is immediately implemented to get the home ready for a week of mourning and throngs of visitors.

Within minutes, shiva chairs appear out of nowhere, little tables for the aveilim, folding chairs for visitors, an Aron Kodesh and Sefer Torah for kriyas haTorah, Siddurim, Chumashim, Tehillims, Mishnayos, room partitions, water coolers, air conditioning or heating as necessary, and anything else you can think of.


And as quickly as they showed up, they disappear! Without uttering an extra word or leaving a bill.

Suddenly the home is all ready for shiva week, and the tense atmosphere has transformed into one of peace of mind and tranquility.

A feeling of calm overwhelms them. Our father might not return, BUT WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Misaskim – by Klal Yisroel for Klal Yisroel!

Aside from the thousands of Aveilim that Misaskim services annually, there is a whole lot more that is neither seen by the public, nor ever talked about.

  • Hundreds of Meisei Mitzvah that are brought to kever Yisroel through the tireless intervention of Misaskim.
  • Interceding with Medical Examiners all over the United States on behalf of grieving families.
  • Preventing countless souls from being desecrated by autopsies or cremations.
  • Expediting the release of niftarim.
  • Arranging flights for niftarim and their relatives in record time.
  • Educating medical examiners, coroners, and law enforcement agencies on the needs of the Jewish community.
  • Ritual cleanups at scenes of fatal incidents.
  • Any service needed that relates to kavod haMeis, Misaskim is always the number to call!

When Crisis strikes – Misaskim!


After Covid-19 paralyzed the world, Rabbi Yankie Meyer and his team at Misaskim utilized their decades-long relationships and put it to work for Klal Yisroel.

They invested countless hours days and weeks, to intervene on behalf of our Mosdos haTorah! With reopening their highest priority, so that tens of thousands of students should be able to return to their classrooms! So that hundreds of Baalei Simcha should be enabled to marry off their children with joy! So that numerous local small businesses can stay afloat!

The consensus is crystal clear. If not for the tireless efforts of Rabbi Meyer and Misaskim, there would have been millions of additional hours of bitul Torah! Many more local businesses would have had to close their doors for good! And many weddings would have been postponed! Klal Yisroel was spared a tremendous amount of grief and aggravation thanks to the selfless efforts of Misaskim!


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Misaskim cannot continue with their essential services ‘for’ Klal Yisroel, without the help ‘from’ Klal Yisroel! So many Aveilim are counting on Misaskim to bring them comfort, so many neshomos are counting on Misaskim for their expeditious burial, so many people experiencing crises count on Misaskim to save the day, BUT MISASKIM IS COUNTING ON YOUR ASSISTANCE TO HELP THEM HELP KLAL YISROEL!

Dig deep into your hearts, and donate generously to Misaskim, so they can continue helping Klal Yisroel! In this zchus may we be zoche never to need the services of Misaskim!