Be the Social Worker You Would Trust!

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B”H for well over a decade The New Seminary has had men’s and women’s cohorts graduating from LIU’s school of Social Work, providing the community with frum, educated and professionally trained MSWs.

What has been and continues to be the hallmark of the program? READ MORE

The Seminary’s consistent goal of the highest standards in education and training coupled with no compromise to the community’s sensitivities and standards.

How is this accomplished?

The University provides its excellence in education and professional training while partnering with the Seminary to understand the religious needs and standards of the orthodox community.

In addition, with the University’s encouragement, the Seminary provides guest lecturers featuring Rabbanim and frum mental health professionals, who are experienced with and understand the unique challenges that frum MSWs face.

Currently, there are two program tracks available: A BSSW leading to a MSW, and a MSW for students with existing Bachelors degrees.

The BSSW allows for most undergraduate credits to be accepted, and gives students the opportunity to save up to $31,000.

Education at The New Seminary is REAL. 

REAL Training

REAL Education


Applications for the programs are being accepted now. The deadline to register is fast approaching!

Financial aid is available.

For more information or to register, visit or email [email protected] 

New York students may call 718.769.8160 and New Jersey students 732.366.3500.


“I thought I was just coming to get my degree and instead discovered Social Work and myself.”

Yaakov Friedman, Brooklyn, NY