Is a Breslov Book Club Coming to Your Community Next?

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Ever since R’ Yaakov Klein’s third book hit the shelves, it became quickly apparent that this wasn’t simply another book – this was a hashkafic guide to our unique generation, a systematic answer to the multifarious questions of our challenging times. Reviewed in The Five Towns Jewish Times and The Jewish Press as well as by grateful readers, The Story of Our Lives, an in-depth pirush on Rebbe Nachman of Breslov’s classic tale, “The Lost Princess”, immediately began to make waves throughout the Jewish community.

With its fresh approach and bold message about the current state of our nation and the specific course corrections that need to be made as the process of redemption continues to unfold, The Story of Our Lives stood out in a crowded Jewish book market, garnering tremendous interest and selling out within a few short months of its release.

Since then, this book at the heart of a movement and the textual foundation of the Lost Princess Initiative (LPI) has continued to spread the light of “Princess-consciousness” throughout the world, preparing am Yisrael for the dawn of Moshiach. Two institutions in Eretz Yisrael – a yeshiva and a seminary – have included this sefer into their curricula. Well over 100 Jews ranging from 18 to 80 years old and from across six continents have taken the seven-week course based on the book led by the author, R’ Yaakov Klein. And now, in recent weeks, a new trend has begun. Spontaneously, groups of Jews looking for a deeper approach to Yiddishkeit have begun to form “Lost Princess Chaburos” – book clubs, meeting once a week to review and discuss the chapter in The Story of Our Lives they have read in the days leading up to the session.

Following the lead of Mrs. Faigy Blumstein who ran the first virtual book club in the sefer on Thank You Hashem’s Instagram platform, groups in Woodmere, Houston, Toronto, Baltimore, and Yerushalayim are now learning the sefer b’iyyun and experiencing a complete transformation in their avodas Hashem. Think of it – in the insanity of the modern era, Yidden are getting together once a week to learn Rebbe Nachman’s story, to talk openly and vulnerably about their avodas Hashem. This is not a shiur pertaining to the “what, when, how, or where” of halachic practice and Jewish life. This is a deep dive into the “why”, the soul of our tradition, a journey into the essence of our faith that transforms every aspect of our lives – marriage, parenthood, ambitions, and, of course, our observance of Torah and mitzvos. In the words of one group facilitator, “It got heavy this week, discussing chapter three. Just pull back the curtain and realizing that we are sitting around a table in the deep dark galus discussing AVODAS HASHEM!” What a kiddush Hashem!

Rebbe Nachman said, “The world tells stories to put people to sleep, but I tell stories to wake people up.” Now, in an unprecedented way, am Yisrael is indeed waking up to the light of the redemption shining within our national soul.

Friends, we are facing multifarious challenges across the spectrum of our communities. But Hashem sent the cure before the malady. All we need to do is open our hearts and minds to the remedy He is giving us in the works of our tzaddikim. The awakening am Yisrael has been yearning for is one story away!

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