North Woodmere Mother of 3 In Critical Condition After Being Hit by Drunk Driver- She Needs Our Help!

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The Great Neck and Five Towns Jewish communities are reeling from the tragic car accident that occurred on Motzai Shabbos in Woodmere. A drunk driver struck the car of Miriam Meltser, who was driving her daughter Aliza and three friends home from their Camp Sternberg reunion. Words cannot describe the grief and pain that everyone involved is now experiencing. We are davening endlessly for everyone involved.

As a community, we are reaching out for support on behalf of the Meltser family, which is necessary at this time. Miriam is the entire world to her children, and now is in critical condition and facing a long road of recovery.

She and her children need our help now more than ever. Please click here to donate and share.

Please continue to be mispalel for Miriam bas Ina Pesya Yocheved.

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May we hear Yeshuos and Refuos. 

Endorsed by TAG, Rabbi Friedman of Rambam, the Rabbonim of the North Woodmere Jewish Community, and Achiezer.