It’s Official! Rechov HaMatbe’a HaYehudi Inaugurated at Jerusalem Estates

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In an impressive ceremony, Jerusalem’s finest gathered to inaugurate the name of Jerusalem Estates’ central boulevard: Rechov HaMatbe’a HaYehudi. The Amphora Garden was filled with municipal representatives, project developers, planners, consultants, and friends while the sign was unveiled with great solemnity, emblazoned with an historic name for a young street: Rechov HaMatbe’a HaYehudi.

The ceremony was opened by Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon, with the following statement: “The ancient coins found in the excavations of Jerusalem are testimony, more than anything, that Jerusalem was and always will be the eternal city and capital of the Jewish nation. They are a seal of evidence to Jewish life in Jerusalem and Israel since time immemorial.” Mr. Itzik Larry, director general of the Jerusalem Municipality, called Jerusalem Estates “an excellent example of infusing the material with spirit, erecting new structures while preserving the historical imprint for generations.”

Chagai Shmueli, the attorney who has accompanied the project since inception, described his initial thoughts when confronted with the grand vision. “Six years ago, when I first heard the concept, I thought the developers were hallucinating. Needless to say, I was wrong – the reality exceeds the initial vision by far. This incredible project elevates the surrounding neighborhood and pays homage to the historic Schneller complex, perpetuating our deep connection to Jerusalem’s past and its central place in our lives today.”

Jerusalem Estates is gratified to commemorate these coins in a project which beautifies the Holy City. To purchase your piece of lasting history, contact our sales office at  718-564-6656, or visit

Photography: Arnon Busani