Frum father facing prison time due to false allegations

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After R’ Doron’s divorce several years ago, he took upon himself to raise his 3 children alone and as the only breadwinner. Recently, his divorcee opened a case of false accusations that would put him in prison, and push his three children out of cheders and into the secular school system. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

Rabbonim have met and verified the illegitimacy of the divorcees claims. They have confirmed that it is a lie to get the children out of his custody and into secular schools. R’ Doron was instructed to start a legal battle in order to ensure the future of his childrens Yiddishkeit. Now, the father needs help covering legal fees. 

An emergency campaign has been launched to save a father and his three children, who are on the verge of financial and spiritual collapse. In the merit of helping, Hashem should grant you success in all you do, and nachos from all your children.