Chesed Fund Introduces – The Upsell Feature

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Our latest feature on the Chesed Fund is designed entirely to help you raise more funds for your next campaign.

The way it works is simple: when a donor is in the process of defining the sum they want to donate, they are prompted to double that amount while spreading it out over 12 months.

This way, the donor ends up paying less every month, but more over time, resulting in a net-benefit for both your cause and the donor’s total impact.

“We believe that donors are always looking to give more, as long as they are presented with a compelling motivation to do so and any obstacles they face are removed,” says The Chesed Fund’s Chief Campaign Strategist Simcha Rosenblum. “Adding this feature is an important step in this direction, and fits with the strategy that we advise our fundraisers on when we support the strategic successful running of their campaigns.”

This upsell feature can be disabled on campaigns for whom it’s not a good fit, for example time sensitive campaigns.

You can also define a maximum threshold, after which you won’t upsell any more. For example, if someone indicates that they plan on donating $1,000 or more, you can define the upsell feature to not attempt to upsell them.

Ready to tap into the power of upselling?

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