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Bari Mitzman was 22 years old and living in Brooklyn when she was exposed to, a Jewish hosting, matchmaking, and learning community with users in over 17,000 cities. Someone referred Bari to the website to see a suggested dating match. Bari’s connection with and Rabbi Klatzko would soon have a major impact on her life, including finding her Basheret. has a suite of features built to strengthen Jewish communities, sparking hundreds of thousands of connections around the world. It connects Jewish hosts with guests, such as travelers, singles and Ba’alei Teshuvah looking for Shabbos hospitality. 

The free website and app includes a matchmaking tool unlike other Jewish dating platforms. Community members can suggest matches based on single user profiles, like a virtual shadchan. has a rich messaging platform that supports voice notes, pictures, video, and emojis. Members can also post Shiurim, Divrei Torah, and calls-to-action for Jewish causes. built numerous features to safeguard users’ privacy, as well as ensure a proper decorum and safety for all members. Additionally, users can find weekly Parsha recordings from Rabbi Juravel, including content exclusive to 

Founded by Rabbi Klatzko in 2010,, under the guidance of the Gedolim, began as a hopeful dream to connect and unify all Jewish people around the world through the holy day of Shabbos. As the years went by, more users joined and the internet changed drastically. Therefore, rebuilt its website and mobile app with a contemporary design that created a friendly user experience, including the option to hide all pictures and videos for Tznius.         

Explained Bari, “I introduced myself to Rabbi Klatzko at a wedding since I was going to be staying at his home for Shabbos a few weeks later. He inquired as to my dating availability and ensured that my now husband was also available, and at his home that Shabbos. My husband and I first met speaking in Rabbi Klatzko’s kitchen through two courses of Shabbos. Safe to say, it was worth missing soup for.” 

With the new version of available for free around the world, in multiple languages, the website and app’s foundational goals have been strengthened to benefit Jews everywhere. Links: Website | iOS app download | Android app download