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Nesanel and his mother are begging us for help!


The day Nesanel was born, he was already an orphan.

Twenty-four hours after birth, he went blue, but an alert staff member noticed and quickly hooked him up to oxygen, saving his life.

A series of scans revealed the next difficult piece of news:

The orphaned infant, who didn’t even have a name yet, had a serious heart defect.

At one day old, he was an orphan.

At two weeks old, he underwent open heart surgery.

The surgery failed, and by the time he was one month old, Nesanel had undergone multiple surgeries.

Today, Nesanel is 11.

His childhood has been rife with hospitalizations, surgeries, medicines and treatments.

Constant operations that are equally life-threatening and life-saving.

Every surgery comes along with an ocean of excruciating pain and weakness, terror and fear of death.

This story is not only Nesanel’s.

It’s also about his young mother who’s raised her orphaned, ill son on her own. Alone.

A young mother who sits each time outside the operating room, waiting for news. Alone.

A mother forced to raise money to cover her son’s harrowing surgeries and treatments. Alone.

Every surgery is followed by a month-long recovery process which Nesanel spends in bed.

A bright, sensitive child who, instead of running and playing and learning in school, lies in bed for a full month!

Every surgery means another month that Nesanel’s mother spends at his bedside, another month spent watching him carefully to ensure that there is no sudden change or organ failure. Another month that she can’t work or put food on the table.

Because if she’s at work, who’ll be with Nesanel?

And poor Nesanel… He’s well-aware of just how fragile life—and especially his life—is… He knows that every surgery can spell danger or, chas veshalom, death. He knows that he’s not like everyone else.

And yet, he copes heroically with the fear, pain and loneliness with maturity and positivity that bring tears to every eye.

Nesanel has just undergone one surgery, and he’s waiting for the next one.

The next surgery is expensive, dangerous, but it can change his life.

If this surgery succeeds, Nesanel won’t need another surgery for several years!

He’ll finally be able to invest into rehabilitation, invest into his studies, and invest into friendships with other boys. He’ll finally learn to enjoy and experience life without fear for his life.

Nesanel and his mother are begging us for help!

Give your heart! Give your hand!

So Nesanel can have a better, happier future!

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