The Sara Esther Tribute Concert

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Rebbetzin and Rabbi Feigelstock arrived in Montreal in 1949. They were pioneers in the Jewish community and in Jewish education, and many benefited from their leadership, like Danny Benlolo, David and Avraham Cohen, Zushe Silverstein etc. These people and many more benefited from the dedication of the lubavitcher Feigelstock family, their children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters and cousins, who are pioneers in Paraguay, Israel, Argentina, British Columbia, Florida, California, New York. Moshe Katlarski, Nissim Mangel and many running Lubavitch today were fostered by the Feigelstock family, like the Gaon Yosef Yitzchak Feigelstock, Harav ‹Moshe Feigelstock, Rebbetzin Yudis Tauber, the Feigelstock children and grandchildren, the Yagel family in Israel, the Bistonfamily, the Goldstein family, and the Winter family. They are all pioneers in Jewish life around the globe, and descendants of the Chatam Sofer.

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Schneur Feigelstock is celebrating this family with this tribute concert and the Sara Esther Crisis Center in memory of his mother’s dedication for הצלת נפושת (saving human souls) Shulem Lemmer, Emile and I will be coming to Montreal on June 4th to celebrate this family.  

I had the benefit of living in Montreal years ago and witnessed first hand the wonderful community in Montreal. It is an honor to come back and give back to this rich city. I am happy to help raise funds for this project. Please have a great night and enjoy this tribute concert for the SaraEsther Crisis Center project, undertaken by her son Schneur. Please have a great evening and enjoy Israel’s 75th birthday. Shalom.

Shimon Shiboni