When the King of Britian Corresponded with the Chakal Yitzchak of Spinka

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An unknown historical affair, which made waves at the time – now, the original letter is up for sale at the Meyuchasim auction of the Tiferet Auction House


When the Rebbe of Spinka corresponded simultaneously with the White House and the King of Britain

An old document, an official letter by Chakal Yitzchak of Spinka, which was kept for several generations by an important family, and reached the Tiferet Auction House, opened a wide window to a forgotten historical affair that at the time stirred great interest.

It turns out that the Holy Rebbe of Spinka, Rabbi Yitzchak Isaac, the Chakal Yitzchak, one of the leading rabbis of Hungary before the World War, corresponded with the kings of Great Britain, especially with King George V and at the same time with the White House in Washington.

The correspondence, which began as a seemingly regular one, in which the Rebbe sent a greeting to King George V during his illness, deeply moved the British king, and despite the famous reticent of the British royal family, the king responded very warmly to the greetings and blessings and asked to continue the correspondence.

Next week, the Tiferet Auction House is holding a Meyuchasim auction – an auction of the most important items in the world of Judaica and Judaism. One of its highlights are fascinating letters that reveal how the Rebbe used his connections with the British royal family for his brothers and family members, and for the Jews of Hungary and Romania during the difficult times of the terrible Holocaust.

The Rebbe suggests to his sister’s grandson that he turn to the British royal family – and by the way, reveals an unknown detail: that the Rebbe was also in contact with the White House of Roosevelt, the President of the United States.

Until now, it was not known that the Chakal Yitzchak of Spinka was in close contact both with the royal family and the White House; researchers of the Spinka court and historians also did not know that the Rebbe used his extensive contacts with the British royal family and the White House to help the Jews.

Now, some of the efforts made by the Rebbe for Jews who were in trouble, and for his nephew – the Tzaddik Rabbi Yosef Meir Kahana, eventually, the Rebbe of Spinka in Jerusalem, are revealed.

The Tiferet Auction House, which discovered the letter and shed light on this unknown affair, points out that the Chakal Yitzchak of Spinka, son of the Imeri Yosef of Spinka, was the Rav of many thousands of Jews in Romania, Hungary, Transylvania and even in Ukraine, Poland and Galicia, and many, many people flocked to him and attended his Tishen,.

The Rebbe himself perished in Auschwitz, refusing to escape; but his strength and merits helped many Jewish families to be rescued and rehabilitated.

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