Shaindy Plotzker Concert in Florida for EFRAT

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Shaindy Plotzker Concert in Florida for EFRAT

by Riki Goldstein 

The upcoming Shaindy Plotzker concert in Florida on June 14th, is set to be a singular and soul-stirring evening, pulsating with musical inspiration and enjoyment, delivering tangible thrills and knockout talent, while uniting women to support and celebrate Jewish mothers in need through the auspices of EFRAT, the organization that champions motherhood. 

Shaindy is excited and passionate as she anticipates singing at this milestone musical event for a special cause.  “I feel I’ve come full-circle in performing for EFRAT’s lifesaving work. My own mother was very ill when she was expecting me, and her doctors told her that the medication she needed to take was a grave risk to her unborn child. If I would make it at all, they said, I would be born with irreversible deafness, and possibly blind and mute. My parents followed daas Torah and continued with courage. When I was born, I was fine. EFRAT offers professional and practical support to families who are struggling with negativity from their medical team during pregnancy, and so often, these babies are beautifully healthy.” 

Endorsed by Gedolei Yisrael of this generation and the past, EFRAT believes that every single Jewish child, every neshamah which comes down to join our nation, is a source of light and good. Every year, they empower 3000 struggling Jewish mothers by supporting them financially and emotionally. The full layette and nursery furniture, and generous monthly packages containing every baby necessity, give mothers the peace of mind to welcome and nurture a child despite their challenges. 


Music is a time-honored way to unite and fundraise, but if you’ll be in the audience on June 14th, don’t expect to stay comfortably seated. Shaindy and Eli Gerstner of EG Productions both believe in concerts as an interactive format offering soaring inspiration together with high-energy positive vibes.

“There will be a song for every woman or girl there, from age five to 85,” Shaindy promises. Her high-energy hit-song segments are geared to get concert goers on their feet, singing and dancing, while the emotion in her slower, uplifting songs will forge the connections women and girls are thirsting for, in Shaindy’s words, “bringing us all back home.”

Eli Gerstner has broken many barriers in top-flight entertainment. His feeling that ladies and girls deserve their own world of opportunities in Jewish song has pushed him to develop new avenues of kosher entertainment, with irresistible allure for teens and ladies alike. Shaindy reveals that stunning song and dance sets, up-to-the-minute sound and light effects, vast screens and surprise guests, are all on the program, and judging by the crowd’s reaction at her sold-out concert in NJPAC this winter, her audience is going to make the most of every musical minute.

It was Rebbetzin Yaffa Palti of Miami who made the match between EFRAT and Shaindy, and Yaffa will be MC at the concert. 

While Klal Yisrael’s enemies always seek to tear our nation down, taking aim both physically and spiritually, EFRAT’s mission is to build the Jewish people up, one baby and one mother at a time. Every Jewish child born is a victory against those who want to destroy us, and every child is a holy neshamah with the opportunity to generate endless ripples of Kiddush Hashem. “We were all at Har Sinai, and so were the souls of these children,” Shaindy says. “I can visualize the neshamos joining us in song.”

EFRAT serves Jewish women from all streams of the community. Their US offices field calls from the East Coast to the West Coast, from women concerned about the strain of feeding and clothing and caring for one more child. Some mothers cannot even afford a crib and a carriage, but with EFRAT’s help, they will be able to raise their baby with dignity and security. 

Nir Salomon, EFRAT Executive Director, shares that while at the moment, EFRAT helps 3000 mothers annually, he is aware that they could double that figure if they had the funds. “At the moment, we limit our advertising, because if we advertise more, we will receive more call on our services, and have to turn people away.” He knows that there are, to date, 84, 000 Jewish boys and girls whose mothers are able to raise them thanks to EFRAT. “We know than in these parshiyot of Sefer Bamidbar, Hashem lovingly counts the Jewish people. Why? Because every single person counts, and He loves each Jewish child. For us, every baby is an entire universe,” Nir reflects. With the joint forces of the community, EFRAT will be able to change more cries for help into cries of joy. 

Music touches us deep in our souls, and with Shaindy at the mic, emotion and passion are part of the experience. “I hope to see you there—and hear you too,” Shaindy smiles. “I love when the audience sings along. It’s beautiful and it’s electric, and together, we’re all stronger than the combined sum of our parts. Together we can use music to celebrate, and to empower.”