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DansDeals Is On A Mission to Provide Tefillin to Over 3,700 Soldiers In The IDF

DansDeals has teamed up directly with the IDF and has successfully distributed over 750 pairs of Tefillin since the beginning of the war in Israel. Now, over 3,700 soldiers are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to start wrapping tefillin every single day for life. More than cigarettes or barbecues they want to wrap tefillin!

IDF Major General Gershon Hakohen spoke to JJ from Dans Deals about the campaign and wanted people to understand how special tefillin are to soldiers in the IDF. He himself received a pair of Tefillin during the Yom Kippur War, and it’s a gesture he’ll never forget. He told me that our campaign has his full support!

Every pair of Tefillin is sourced at cost through our dedicated Tefillin shop in Israel. This exclusive facility is wholly committed to meticulously examining each pair, guaranteeing its adherence to the highest standards of Kashrus. To achieve this, a team of skilled Sofrim are diligently working day and night, pooling their efforts to help us manage costs effectively. 

Some updates since the campaign began. 

  • 3,316 Civilian Men committed to start wearing tefillin every day.
  • 3,723 IDF soldiers signed up to receive a pair of tefillin and start wearing them daily.
  • 504 pairs of tefillin have already been distributed.
  • 250 pairs were distributed at the Annual Kinus Hashluchim this weekend and are being brought back to Men who signed up.
  • 1 dedicated tefillin shop in Israel to work full time, checking, and assembling tefillin to support this campaign, allowing us direct control and oversight of the kashrus.
  • 20+ member team spread across the world has been set up to verify the list of signups.

Now we need your help to reach one pair for every life Hamas has brutally taken from us! 

We are turning to you to help us protect each and every one of our soldiers. Join today!

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