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Celebrate Pesach With YidFlicks!

As Pesach approaches, many people look for ways to educate and learn about the Pesach holiday ahead of the Seder. In this list, we’ll take a look at the top 10 videos from YidFlicks for Pesach, each with its own unique twist.

Click here to watch the top 10 Pesach videos:

1: Shazak! Out of Egypt: The Pesach Story

Come along on a spectacular journey from slavery to freedom! The beautiful illustrations and cartoon style of Out of Egypt brings the Exodus narrative to life in a way that is fun and educational for the entire family. Laugh, thrill and cheer as the adventure of Pesach unfolds in this incredible video. Brought to you by Shazak, creators of “Queen of Persia” and “Miracle Lights”.

2: The Animated Hagadah

The Animated Haggadah, presented in charming claymation, follows the protagonist Danny on a journey through the Passover story. Experience the trials and triumphs of the Israelites, from slavery to freedom, in this delightful and engaging retelling of the Haggadah. Perfect for all ages, this claymation adventure brings a fresh perspective to the Passover seder, making it a memorable and meaningful experience for everyone.

3: Meir Kids – The Pesach Story

Come along for this three part Pesach special. First, as Sammy is practicing Ma Nishtana, he falls asleep and goes back in time to the days of Mitzraim. Sammy and his fiends reenact the Pesach story. See what life was like back in the days when the Jews were slaves.

Click here to watch the top 10 Pesach videos:

4: Pesach with Morah Malkie

Join Morah Malkie in an exciting Pesach adventure. This thirty minute video includes puppets, singing, story time and lots of learning! This video is geared towards children ages 2-4.

5: Rabbi Paysach Krohn | Living Lessons – Pesach Edition

Join the world famous Rabbi Paysach Krohn, for stories which expand upon the value of Mesorah and of taking guidance from parents and Torah leaders; the greatness of Gedolim, Hachnasas Orchim, especially during the seder; and the importance of thinking about others.

6: Morah Ester’s Pesach Special

Come along and learn with Morah Ester all about Pesach. Find out why the Jews were slaves in the land of Egypt, why we eat matzah on Pesach, learn the Mah Nishtana and hear all about what different items on the Seder plate!

Click here to watch the top 10 Pesach videos:

7: Pesach Music Videos

Enjoy incredible Pesach themed music videos from a number of the top Jewish artists. Watch music videos including The Maccabeats’s “Dayenu”, “Ma Nishtana”, “Nirtza”, along with “The Seder Song” from the inspiring Zusha, “The Greatest Pesach” from the Y Studs, and so many more!

8: Incredible Science EPIC Chol Hamoed Show

With millions of views of his outrageous science and physics videos, Yochanan Ghoori has now created a special Chol Hamoed YidFlicks show! Watch as things pop, wizz, bang, and whir as you learn about how the world works – and get thoroughly entertained in the process.

9: Pesach Cooking Like a Pro!

Learn how to cook delicious food for Pesach with the top kosher chefs worldwide! Whether you’re looking for traditional basics from your Bubby’s kitchen, or new wholesome recipes with fresh ingredients and a modern twist, this video has got you covered.

10: Pesach In Dubai

Follow Shoime Zionce on his amazing Dubai Pesach trip!

Click here to watch the top 10 Pesach videos:

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