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HORRIFIC UPDATE: Three Sifrei Torah R”L Destroyed In Pomona Heights Shul Fire

A massive fire destroyed a Shul in Pomona Heights, early Wednesday morning. Tragically, three Sifrei Torah were destroyed in the blaze.

The “Chassidim at 110 Shul” located at the corner of North Ridge Road and Overlook Road, was quickly engulfed in flames, after a propane tank reportedly exploded at around 5:45am, Monsey Scoop reported.

Bichasdei Hashem, the shul was unoccupied at the time of the blaze, preventing any injuries.

Despite the quick spread of the flames, emergency response teams were unable to retrieve the Sifrei Torah in time. The Sifrei Torah were, however, stored in a fully fireproof safe. At around 12:30PM, emergency authorities requested Rockland Chaveirim to enter the site and open the safe. Sadly, three Sifrei Torah were destroyed. Sources tell YWN that it was mainly from water damage.

The structure, which previously housed the late Dr. Reb Zev Zelenko Z”L, later sold the property to the Shul Chasidim at 110 Overlook Drive before they relocated to 34 North Ridge Road.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Even if there was no water damage, the sifrei torah would probably have been rendered posul as the heat from the fire would have caused the ink to run.

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