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🔴 [FREE Kriah Masterclass]Rabbi Zobin Blasts Phonics: No You Can’t Use An English Remediation System For Hebrew

[FREE MASTERCLASS] There’s a reason why Zobin’s still going strong after 40 years, can promise “16-sessions-and-cured” and is endorsed by HaRav Matisyohu Salomon z”tl

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Moishy slouches into the resource room for the 50-thousandth time that year. He’s sick and tired of practicing aleph beis and nekudos. He feels like a loser when he thinks of the kids in his class learning mishnayos at that very moment. He’s so behind, he hardly knows what Perek they’re doing.

And there’s no end in sight. There are more than a HUNDRED learning-filled, homework-heavy days separating him from Pesach vacation–including a whole extra Adar. What’s the use of coming to school every day when you can’t even read? It’s just more of the same torture, day after endless day.

Cuuuut. 🎬

Moishy rubs his eyes. His Kriah Rebbe is picking up the kamatz-aleph-ah kriah sheets and dropping them in the wastepaper basket. Whaaaaat?

“We’re done with that for now,” he says determinedly. “Moishy, you’re a bright kid. You should be reading like all your friends. You have the brains. Something’s stopping you. We’re gonna find out EXACTLY what it is. We’ll solve it and we’ll have you reading difficult selichos by Purim.”

Moishy blinks. Then he grins. “Really?” 

In his heart: He feels like he could fly.

Be that Rebbe – Or Morah.

Join 45-years-in-the-field Kriah legend, Rabbi Zvi Zobin, on a rare LIVE Zoom appearance: “10 reasons kids struggle with kriah and remediation is far too slow” 

Date: Sunday, June 9

Time: 3:00 PM EST (10:00 PM IST, 8.00 PM BST):

As the founder of the only 16-sessions-and-cured Kriah Program, which has effectively diagnosed and remediated hundreds and hundreds of kids with a 95% success rate, he’s seen Moishy’s problem umpteen times… And he knows precisely what it is.

He’ll tell you all about it here:

When you walk out of the session, you’ll be thoroughly acquainted with ten root kriah problems children and adults face today. For one, you’ll have viewed the block of text the way the child sees it!

You’ll also learn: 

> Some powerful diagnostic techniques for reading and visual difficulties

> Why you need a visual-based remediation system for Lashon Hakodesh and why phonics won’t cut it

> How reading “efficiency” can turn a slowish kid to into the class ilui

> Why never transitioning a kid out of reading in syllables such an awful mistake

You’ll also discover a little-known gem – Kriah specialist Academy, Rabbi Zobin’s own 20-session kriah program that’ll teach you how to evaluate kids like Moishy for 58 different reading problems and the crucial series of fun, easy remediation exercises you can implement to get him reading–FAST. 

You’ll see for yourself how this testimonial can be true:

“How did you do it? I paid out $40,000 during the past three years in attempts to improve my son’s reading skills, with no success. And in only six sessions with you he’s already correcting my reading.”

  • Yisrael C, Beit Shemesh, Israel

Sign up here:

“…has already assisted many students who would never have been able to achieve their full potential…”

 – Rabbi Mattisyahu Salomon zt”l (Mashgiach, Bais Medrash Govoha, Lakewood)

“I know personally of many who have been helped and therefore laud the time, effort, and system which Rabbi Zobin has established. May his efforts lead to success for many.”    

– Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Horowitz zt”l (The Bostoner Rebbe)

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