Vertluch: Sukkos 5774


The mishna is Succah (28b) says that if it rains on Succos it is comparable to a slave that comes to pour a cup of wine for his master and he poured a pitcher of water on his face.’

The gemara (29a) explains that when the mishna says ’ he poured a pitcher of water on his face’…it means that the master spilled a pitcher [of water] on [the slaves] face as to say ‘I do not desire your service!’.

Vilna Gaon says that the water the slave had in his hand represented middas harachamim, hence it was white -clear. The wine that the mishna was referring to represented Hashems middas hadin, which was red. The question is, if the master, which is Hashem, does not desire our services now then apparently he has not let go of His middas Hadin. Why then would He so to speak be pouring water over us which represented middas harachamim. He should be pouring wine over us because He is still representing His middas Hadin?

One can answer is that even though Hashem may be showing us that he is unhappy with us he is still the ultimate compassionate and Merciful One. He was showing us that even through his anger He will not unleash His wrath at us, his beloved children, and he will shower us with water, which represented His middas harachamim.

How beautiful is this pshat is and how fortunate we are to be considered His children. Even in His wrath he is still showing us rachamim. Perhaps-and unfortunately- this year there will be din, but Hashem will still show us rachamim. Knowing this is how we are getting treated how can one God forbid sin?

It is up to us to realize the beauty of yiddishkeit and perhaps to try to focus on that aspect this coming year.