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The Aliyah L’Torah Part 6

 Bowing to the Sefer Torah

Some poskim quote the custom to bow to the sefer while reciting the beracha on the Torah.(52) However, others say that the custom is not to bow.(53) Whichever minhag one has he should do. One who does have the custom to bow should not bow at the end of the beracha because doing so would make it appear that he is adding to the bowing which is done on a daily basis (i.e. during Shemonei Esrei).(54)

Holding the Atzei Chaim during the Beracha

One is not allowed to hold a sefer Torah without a hefsek of some sort.(55) However, the minhag of most of klal yisroel is that one may indeed hold the atzei chaim of a sefer Torah without any separation.(56) While reciting the beracha, one should hold the atzei chaim with two hands.(57) When the laining begins (after his beracha), he should let go of the left atzei chaim and hold onto the sefer Torah with his right hand.(58) The reason for holding onto the Torah is to show we do not want to let the Torah be removed from our mouths.(59) Some say the reason we hold the Torah is to demonstrate by our aliyah that it is like we just got the Torah from Har Sinai.(60)

Just as there is a custom to hold onto the sefer Torah and not let go during the kriah, there is a custom to recite “chazak” after the last aliyah of each sefer.(61) Some say it is not clear where the custom to say chazak chazak v’nischazek came from,(62) and one should recite “chazak” three times which is the numerical equivalent of the word Moshe.(63) Nonetheless, the common custom is to recite chazak chazak v’nischazek after each sefer is completed.(64) Some say the custom is to recite v’nischazak instead of v’nischazek.(65) The oleh does not recite chazak etc. because doing so would be a hefsek between the laining and the beracha.(66) The ba’al koreh does recite chazak.(67) Some Sefardim say to the oleh chazak u’boruch at the end of every aliyah. (68)

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