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Crow attacking man


Shimshon Badash, 58, from the town of Ramat Hasharon in the heart of Israel is in despair: For over a week now he has been suffering repeated attacks by a crow that lives near his house and is forced to leave his home wearing a helmet and equipped with a parasol in order to protect himself. “I need help. I don’t have a life anymore. I live like in Hitchcock’s movie ‘The Birds’,” the distressed Badash said Friday. Badash’s nightmare began after a crow’s chick fell out of its nest into his backyard last week. The young bird’s loud cries forced Badash to pick it up and carry it outside his garden, a move that proved to be a big mistake. Ever since that day a crow � probably the chick’s mother – began attacking Badash on a daily basis. “When I came back home on Independence Day, the crow began attacking me�.. However, the town’s Mayor Itzik Ruchberger eventually consented to visit Badash’s house and look into the situation himself. The mayor, who confirmed he had witnessed the crow attacking Badash, said that according to the city’s veterinarians “this is a common phenomenon that lasts for a week or two and then disappears. As the crow is a protected animal the veterinarians cannot hurt it, and so the only solution is to wait for the problem to resolve itself.”

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