Their Father Has Fled the Country- Help These Children Recover!


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This Family Needs Your Support from Amudim on Vimeo.

My story is one of sadness, torture, and despair. Yet it is also one of hope and yearning for a better tomorrow. Please take a moment to listen to my story. My name is R.S. I am a Ba’alas Teshuvah and a single mother of 7 children. I lived through an extremely abusive marriage. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one abused in my home. My dear children were also very abused emotionally, physically and psychologically.
A couple of years ago I contracted Lyme disease. In my weakened state, I was unable to put up with the daily torture as well as run the home singlehandedly as my husband wasn’t there to support me emotionally or help out physically. Baruch Hashem, I got out of this marriage and my medical situation improved. I am now able to care for my wounded children.

After attending many Batei Dinim with great S’yata Dishmaya I finally managed to receive a Get. The children’s father was detrimental to both their emotional and spiritual being. I am trying to raise my children all alone B’Derech HaTorah.

A little while ago, a new Askin got involved and was advised by one of the Rabbanim involved in the case to hire a well-known attorney which was a great expense. After the first hearing, the father was put under investigation. Fearing that the truth would come out he immediately fled the country. I got sole custody of all seven children. As you can imagine, the amount of help that each one of my children need to recover from all the trauma and abuse from the past many years is tremendous and overwhelming, added to the cost of everyday living, which is high as it is rent, utilities, tuition, food, therapy for each child, which is detrimental for their emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, etc. and without any child support. With Hashem’s help my 12 year old son will also be having his bar mitzvah very soon. It would mean the world to him if we can afford to celebrate this holy and special day.

I turn to you, my dear brothers and sisters. It is only through your help and generous donations that will enable me to put my children back together again. There is nothing I want more than for my dear children to heal. May Hashem bentch you all with much happiness and nachas from you and your loved ones. And may we be zoche to see the rebuilding of the Bais Hamikdash and all the broken homes in Klal Yisroel.

A mother’s plea.

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This case has been verified by: Rabbi Akiva Tendler, Rabbi Bentzion Kokis, Rabbi Chaim Schabes, Rabbi Dovid Apter, and Rabbi Yosef Meir Kantor, as seen in the video.