Nabil Amr: Rafiach Crossing Being Opened by Egypt


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12:45PM IL: As the family of Gilad Shalit awaits the government’s next move, PA official Nabil Amr announced on Tuesday afternoon that Egypt will be opening the Rafiach border crossing for two days. The move is intended to permit Gazans in Sinai to return home and Gazans in Gaza to head to Egypt for medical services.

Israeli officials such as the Defense Ministry’s Amos Gilad continue to release statements to reassure the family of Shalit that the Regev-Goldwasser deal approved by the cabinet on Sunday will help efforts to obtain Gilad’s release, not hamper them.

Responding to fears from Shalit family members fearing an agreement on a Gaza ceasefire that excludes Gilad’s release, government officials assured them that until such time that Gilad is released, the Gaza Crossing will remain closed. (Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)